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  1. Unofficial Squad Ops Teaser

    Good vid man. I have been watching your vids for ages! Keep doing what your doing man.
  2. i am an australian gamer and when i join an australian sever i seem to get 200 ping? is this normal i see people having same ping or higher then me? thanks.
  3. Purchased rifleman Pre-purchase but no key

    nope dont have mine...
  4. Left handed games.

    Hello. I am a lefty and I was brought up using my right hand for gaming. I am a bit over compulsive about these things is my right hand worse for reaction time or will my left hand be worse because I am not used to it? I headed your main hand is better at aiming for pc gaming. I would like some help with my issue. Thanks!
  5. I don't know if it is released early access 2015 or 2016. Thanks.
  6. Scope rail

    Moving say a red dot sight further or colder to your eye? It was in a game I used to ply it was surprisingly effective but is it a good idea or a waste or the for devs?
  7. Weapon attachments

    Will there be wepon attachments and more scopes added, and will you be able to put you scope further or closer to your body using the railing? Thanks
  8. Third person view

    I saw videos of people third person viewing. Is it in the game?
  9. Compass

  10. Slide mechanic/stances

    Would this be good or not?csrsnces like Arma 3? Ps I would like to know how to make a folder cause I post a lot.
  11. Compass

    Having a compass that you can pull up and look at, would add realism to the game.
  12. Suits/kits

    Kits or suits for player, eg: sniper would have ghille/soldiers would have basic protection etc.
  13. Having Ai?

    Having Ai in squad? Meaning more objectives? Bad idea?