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  1. Jizan Province (original map creation)

    So many LZ's for my helo. Me Likey
  2. Unlimited view distance. And ATM it's wayyy too fast peaced for my taste.
  3. BladeRunner 2

    "I wanna ask you some questions" Ohhh Myyyy
  4. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    Here's a thread where you can find devs thoughts on the topic
  5. Devblog - Out and About

    Can't wait to use photogrammetred (is that even a word) fast ropes Hype Hype.-
  6. So how did the play test go!?

    Yes, sure. In the case they are added there are maps where they won't fit in in the map, which is ok, not that they need to be on every map -the same counts for other assets like MBTs/CAS choppers, etc. As for your worry, it's all about finding the right balance between assets and the map layout, remember PR we have all of that, and it works pretty good.
  7. Jizan Province (original map creation)

    lookin' gud
  8. So how did the play test go!?

    Yeah me too. Kinda let down by the confirmation we most likely won't have planes, being an airman. Everything is subject to change tho. We'll see what happens. Hyped for IEDS too.
  9. Ryzen 5 performance vs i5-6600k (stock)?

    idk, the video posted on the first page doesn't give me much hope. Wow! Interesting. With old i5 2310 and gtx 960 last time I always got between 38 and 48 fps.
  10. Ryzen 5 performance vs i5-6600k (stock)?

    Damn I so badly want to get a Ryzen, but I also want to get more than 40 fps when playing Squad
  11. Sarau (Inspired by Kashan Desert)

    Hell yes! Looking forward to it! I love flying over Kashan, so "relaxing".
  12. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    I wonder how does LSD mode looks when you're actually on LSD
  13. Battlefield 1

    I'll tell you why. Why bother spending a lot of resources and time of development when you can make the same amount of money (if not way more) with half the effort (or less), recycling most of the things from previous games. They don't do games for love, they do games for money. They found a business model that works and they won't change it until it stops working.
  14. Battlefield 1

    IDK why so much hype. The game looks like Battlefront 3 with WW1 weapons. I wasn't expecting anythig different. I lost hope in the big companies long time ago
  15. May 2016 Monthly Recap

    I'm trying to study but all I can do now is looking to that darn good sexy Tokarev TT33.