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  1. September 2018 Recap

    Can we see some Fallujah Updates, pleaaaaseeeeeeeee
  2. June 2018 Recap

    Awesome new map! Can we have some news on Fallujah too, please?
  3. Battlefield V

    Looks like shit. Glad we have Post Scriptum and Hell Let Loose!
  4. I'd hope for Insurgents vs. MEC tbh. on Fallujah. Also, TFSA vs. YPG in Manbij would be insane...
  5. Operating system?

    Any news on MacOS support??
  6. High End PC: Low Performance

    I'm a total newbie if it comes to hardware etc., but why doesn't Squad use all cores? Is it because of the Unreal Engine? I somehow can't believe the UE4 devs didn't work on a multicore solution.
  7. What? Turkey doesn't fight Kurdish Peshmerga, in fact, Turkey has a base over there and trains them as well as in the past, they made a huge OP against the PKK together.
  8. That's right, our army uses the G3 and its variants as the main rifle. Some troops and special forces already operate with the MPT-76, according to latest news, by 2017, the MPT-76 will be the main rifle in the infantry and replace the G3. They are already in production.
  9. Are there any news? Did you guys talk with "Squad Turkey" and their intentions? They still seem to claim that this is an official implementation...
  10. Yeah, that's what it kinda says. Have you talked with them by now IrOnTaXi?
  11. The link to the announcement here: http://forum.squadturkiye.com/showthread.php?tid=13 Now I'm wondering if this is indeed anything official from the (international) Squad team or is this rather a mod than anything official? If yes, what kind of conflicts will this conclude? TAF vs PKK or more likely some fictional warfare against maybe Russian Armed Forces or a Syrian based conflict? I'm pretty happy about this announcement anyway, wether this is a mod or not. I think as Turkey is the 2nd largest NATO member and has one of the most important geo-strategic territory this will contribute to some really new experience we didn't have in Project Reality. Also seeing that Squad has introduced the G3 it will reduce some work since TAF mainly uses the G3 as primary rifle atm., but it will soon be replaced by the MPT-76. Greetz, kemaliciouZ from PR.
  12. Palmyra's Map

    Unfortunately, a map of this size doesn't quite make sense yet without vehicles. But please keep working on it and show us your progress! Can't wait to see the results.
  13. Normandy Map

    Now we only need them ropes! Beautiful!
  14. Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 Released

    Ah, damn, really? what was the key in the email for then?
  15. Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 Released

    Hello guys, I activated the key I received via email, and also changed the music settings to the steam/steamapps/common folder but the soundtrack doesn't pop up... can anyone help me? also, if I search for the soundtrack on steam, I can buy it (it doesn't say that it's already in my library)