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  1. Will we get audio cues for friendly fire?

    How do you know you were TKed? Could be enemy fire, the amount of people complaining they were TKed when in reality they were not is extraordinarily high.
  2. In game founder weapon skin?

    I think it was disabled for V7
  3. How to Calculate Distance

    I don't know if this is true or not but I heard with acogs each horizontal bar correlates with the average shoulder width of man. So from this if you line up the bar with 4 next to it and the shoulder width matches the bar legenth then the contact is 400m away (assuming the gun is zeroed at 100m). Also use the training range to get used to the distance scale.
  4. FOB Camping - community thoughts?

    It is only a dick move if you don't inform your team you found a FOB and only using the enemy FOB to pad to K/D
  5. Rickon didn't zigzag and look what happened to him
  6. Brahhs Afghan Map

    Looks nice man keep it up. Although it is missing something can't quite put my fingers on it
  7. Kicking people from vehicles

    I can see this being abused and used by trolls. Just imagine a troll pilot/squad waiting for the vehicle to fill up once it does he takes off then kicks everyone off the chopper killing everyone.
  8. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    No V6 should be released sometime this month
  9. Monthly recap hype!!!!

    Is this a hint of incoming recap?
  10. Discussion: the map of the medic

    I'm thinking if a player is within 50m of medic the medic can see the health status of the player. if outside the 50m radius the player will have to manually activate the a distress icon for the medic to see the player health status on the map, but the player will only have limited number of distress button press per life (say 3) and could also kind of simulate the player losing strength to call for help. I think this will solve your worries of about communications between the squads and would limit request for medic spam. Also I think for anyone outside of the medic's own squad the medic should not be able to see if they are bleeding or not on the map only if they a incapacitated.
  11. Monthly recap hype!!!!

    Would you say middle of may is likely or unlikely?
  12. Monthly recap hype!!!!

    That doesn't stop the monthly recap from coming out, it's just a write up of what the devs did for the month. The last monthly recap came out two weeks before V5 if my memory serves me right
  13. Monthly recap hype!!!!

    One week to go I presume get the hype going.
  14. Giving ammo to Team mates

    From memory this will be implemented after the new animation system
  15. What's going to be in V6

    But I'm already in V5