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  1. 7th Cavalry Gaming is Recruiting!

    Great Community! 10/10 Would recommend! I have been here for years!
  2. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    These are fantastic! Do you mind if I use these as backdrops for images?
  3. =7Cav= 7th Cavalry Gaming

    yes, many years ago!
  4. =7Cav= 7th Cavalry Gaming

    =7Cav= is Recruiting Squad Players! Looking for a community to blast through V10 and beyond with? The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment is currently recruiting for SQUAD Players! If you are interested in Tactical, MILSIM Gameplay - then the 7th Cav might be for you! We are actively recruiting for Squad players who are 18+ and can dedicate at least one hour per week to train, and are interested in getting better at the game! During this hour, you will get to know the squad you chose based on your schedule. There are always people active and playing something on our teamspeak, get to know everyone! Every month we host a variety of training classes on a wide variety of material including but not limited to: mortar use, advanced infantry tactics, indirect fire weapons systems, MOUT, and disciplined voice communications. We host internal operations with 7Cav members as well as organized larger Clan battles with unique objectives created by us! The 7th Cav is a place where all players of varying experience levels are welcome, from noobies to veterans. If you are interested in finding out more, please visit us on our website at http://www.7cav.us/ Once you sign up for account on our forum, feel free to send a PM to me on Discord @=7Cav=2LT.Czar.J , and I will be more than happy to answer any further questions that you might have about the brotherhood of the yellow & black and how you can become a part of one of the oldest gaming communities on the internet! Feel free to add me on Steam! http://steamcommunity.com/id/7CavCzarJ/ Info: Discord: https://discord.gg/q5yBjFw TS3: ts3.7cav.us pass:7thCavalry Note: Security level must be 30 Note: Security level must be 30, Options > Identity > Improve level (30)
  5. Release: Alpha Version 9.4

    Yea, what was that update?
  6. Can confirm disabling steam inventory works!
  7. How to play using the Vive

    Does anyone know how to get the game to run using a Vive? I don't want to play in the theater mode I want the full immersion perspective.
  8. New Server Commands

    Does anyone know where I can find the new server command for a7? Thanks!
  9. Performance Decrease After Moving To WIN 10

    Ok doing all of this improved performance a bit, but not back to what it was. But definitely more playable now. Thanks!
  10. Has anyone else had severe frames drops after upgrading to WIN 10? I used to be able to get a solid 30 frames with medium settings and epic distance. Now I'm at the lowest setting and smaller framerates and barely get 20 frames
  11. @NissassaSDOG i have my clans TS but that requires security lvl 30.
  12. you need to wait until they fix the servers nothing is wrong with your pc or game its their servers.
  13. I've heard through channels that it is an issue through EasyAntiCheat and it is working on being fixed right now. i don't have an ETA on a fix though. i will post here if i find out.
  14. i think Squad and rust you the same system and it seems to be down, so maybe its the EasyAntiCheat servers?