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  1. Ban Vac ?

    contact a dev wont really help.. you got banned for a reason , not by steam or a dev mistake. we already had those who bought their hacker account from friends and didn't know and stuff like that. can't wait to hear your reason.
  2. Founder Skins NOT showing when enabled?

    they removed again the option.. that's why it doesn't work for you
  3. One on foot only Game mode

    lol.. since it came out on steam people kept complaining about walking all the time.. it was difficult to hear them over the sound of their tears.. and now when vehicles came in this will be an issue? lol
  4. as much as I like how much you invested in this thread. its been an idea since v1. it might be a good idea to get a work on a command role now that we got some sort of logistic in and vehicles. but still. I don't know how it goes in other armies. but commanders in here doesn't walk around with a pistol in a middle of a fight. yes they do lay in the back more but it doesn't mean they doing nothing or just controlling the fight from behind.
  5. Crewman School

    like they are not planning any AI's , I don't think NPC's as trainers would be something they are working / will work on. I just see a training course a waste of time in a game like that , which isn't a simulator btw
  6. ammo creat yes because its not defending anything, sandbags and etc. you need to shovel till the end so it'll have more "hp" so it will take a bit more time for the enemy to deshovel it. and you're playing since early stage of the alpha.. you already supposed to know this..
  7. Waepons Stats

    ...before you make a video about waepons you should try to spell it right.. idk how you managed to spell it wrong so many times while most browsers autorepair your typos..
  8. "I'm Sorry" button on radio menu

    first of all , he doesn't know he got TK ( if you're attacking ) unless its on purpose .. second of all , after you finish TK him like a savage , you just finish your move and write sorry for the tk .. you don't need to leave everything as soon as you tk him and write im sorry and risking getting killed. adding a special option that will write sorry is just stupid.. there maybe will be a system like back in the day on cod2 that you could bind keys to say stuff , I doubt it and hope there wont be anything like it.. but might be. in short , no thx , just press K and say you're sorry
  9. Checking ammo

    you are the first one with this idea and the first one that have a way that it'll actually work!
  10. Stuttering when enemy appears...

    what's your spec?
  11. Commander role in the making?

    use the search engine..
  12. Founders tag

    look at the top left side right now , you'll see the home>game>questions ... and below it you'll see link steam account - do it and that's it.
  13. Is the May monthly recap just going to be V6?

    monthly recap just shows what the devs been working about , nothing to do with the patch
  14. Server que

    use the search engine...
  15. be sure that if you came up with an idea from a diff game , the devs already know and thought about it and it was probably been spoken about in the forums before. like others said here , if someone's yelling or whispering just ask them to speak down or up and they'll adjust if they care .. they don't care the sl will already kick him from the squad..
  16. Battlefield 1

    doesn't matter what anyone says , trailer looks good , the idea of the game is great. i'm getting it , and like I know myself i'll be premium as well. and yeah even if they'll have a 1year long of netcode issue , i'll still enjoy it and play it.
  17. I donated, where are my forum tags?

    mail support@joinsquad.com it wont hurt you , if you donated they'll add it. it means your wife got the SL tier code , just take it and add it to steam (and then link your acc on the forums)
  18. Questions about AMD

    game is still on alpha , more optimization coming in each update. just wait with It , you're not the only one with those problems .
  19. Losing interest pretty quickly

    there's no monthly update , only monthly recap . devs never said anything about monthly update. the reason why there's no monthly update is because you want a game that works , so yeah i'll call you impatient because simply you want more and more the sooner. game is on early access , still on alpha . devs are working hard on the game and you as someone who bought an early access game need to be patient and let them work . you don't want to wait? just go play something else in the meantime.
  20. UI on downed players

    the downed UI imo shouldn't be in the game only for the medics as well. the more communication between the squad members the better , if everyone will have an indication on the map it would take the game to a lower level.
  21. slide mechanics? what?... game is trying to be as realistic as it can , so sliding won't be one of the things.. you won't see soldiers starting sliding around to get faster to other places. about the medic , like mastah4 said , it's a support role , just like the marksman . you want to be in the front in the action (even tho being a medic doesn't stop you..) you can just take a diff role . with the other things I just had to skip because it was a nice review (with your opinions and thoughts) but imo you should play more and learn the game a bit more. like you said , you're new to the game anywho , have fun and welcome to squad.
  22. Backer Tag Redeem!

    was talking about the forum thing , but thx

    posting again and again about your stream won't help you. try twitter and then tagging joinsquad , or just start streaming .. not a lot of people stream it and you'll get your views.
  24. Backer Tag Redeem!

    the founder on forum thing going in waves out? didn't got mine yet :\ @spectral