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  1. Squad Leadership Research

    Done =)
  2. Mark Rifleman Ammo Bags on Map

    I would like this as well actually! Maybe just as a single shell or something? But having a fire team lock down a compound, it does make it a lot easier if all groups know where the ammo is located!
  3. V12 no ammo

    Actually, I'm really liking the system. If SL's plan accordingly with each other to place fobs and logistics is used correctly then spawning in for a defence, or mounting for an assault is fine. During a conflict or an assault trying to get ammo, you got the ammo bags and vehicles and to be fair I've had far more memorable moments with this patch, trying to coordinate with logistics squads or APC's and the flood of relief as it rocks up out of town and my fire team can resupply and get back into the fight. If even some of the squads work together than the ammo being persistent isn't a frustrating issue for squads with organised logistics on Habs, it comes an issue with Rallies. But not having to run back and place a rally cos of tickets, or lose a rally due to someone spawning in is such less hassle and frustration for an SL. I like the infinite rally. The counter of this being the persistent ammo? Even better, sometimes having to bail and regroup and resupply just adds to the fun and complexity of feeling like it's a prolonged battle instead of a run n' gun game. Personally, I really am enjoying the change of battle and more drawn out engagements, with the ebb and flow changing rather than just being a head lock charge, with emphasis on logistics now being essential. It's more fun then having to sit around waiting for a timer as respawns are the way of controlling the flow.
  4. supply system

    I do find the ammo crate system useful in PR. Honestly though I don't mind the current iteration for Squad, especially the resupply from infantry and vehicle, the heavier fob supplies though do have me questioning how it will work once helicopters are added. For instance could you just do a flyby passing and not even need to slow down and fear the risk of taking heavy fire? Just something I was pondering.
  5. Happy Anniversary Squad!

    I didn't realise a year had passed!! My goodness!!! Time flys when you're having fun I suppose! ;P Happy anniversary dear Squad!!!
  6. Fatal error problem

    Please, please, children. The devs have responded and so have the moderators. They have gotten back to us, and also let us not forget it is us in the first place that pined for these glories beasts of machines to be bestowed upon us in their vehicle glory. Month after month went by as the prophecies were proven wrong with each update until our blood lust became too much, to spare their young -and probably somewhat old- developer lives they threw vehicles into the sacrificial pit of the alpha testing. Tis an evil and tormenting place for many of these so called alpha youngins have been weaned to believe that the term alpha means early playable demo before you buy and not 'holy fucking shit what happens if we add this into the game? Oh, why did he turn blue?... fuck.' and thus the circle repeats, the developers do and get kicked in the balls. The developers don't, they get hunted with pitch forks. Okay shit aside. They worked long and hard for this update and to go to a convention is fair play in my book, calling them out for little to no response is I feel somewhat harsh since they are incredibly involved with the community through posts and they do actually. While this issue is kinda unexpected and the logistics system was a let down a little for me (Hey sorry devs I saw an opportunity to join in and couldn't resist a quick side kick in the ribs while you were down) The whole crashing thing? Really I'm okay with that as finding bugs are hard with a small team, we all bought this alpha game to give a big player base, allowing these bugs to be found and ironed out before it was released to the major public. By buying you should rather then be so rampant at blaming them and demanding rollback, record each crash, your system specs, what you were doing at the time of crash, how busy the server was (gawd so much effort I know, I usually make a pot of coffee for this part. Lewl jks I don't do crash reports). And thus you will mature into a proper, alpha's little helper:
  7. Better Rifle for Militia Medic?

    I don't mean to say Medics need a nerf, I feel they are the right balance to keep the game fluid and moving while still keeping a slower pace to the match, trying to get a full squad back up to fighting strength can really hinder a fast approach. Just having a good medic knowing his job should consist mostly of 70% holding the medic bag, 20% bandage, 5% smoke (really others should smoke for him, saves his lungs n all) and 5% going pew pew. :3
  8. In PR there was the crewman kit, needed to operate anything more... demanding mentally then a car. Probably something like that will return! But for now I think your rule works swell! :3
  9. FOB Spawning Current Logistics

    Thank you for taking the time and responding to my nervous post ^.^ I'm definately not complaing, the new animations and sway when moving and sprinting really add more weight to my soldier, turning it more atmospheric and almost scary! Also the vehicles, the new UI all of it tis be good!!! <3
  10. FOB Spawning Current Logistics

    Hey all, returned again from the depths of squad to post here! I did do some searching before posting, if I missed it then I apologise! Basically wondering if the current FOB system will see later adaptions to require a logi truck to require it to be placed rather then currently only using the logi truck to kick the five minute timer in the balls? I just feel actually having to plan HOW to get the FOB there was always good fun and some of the best moments were doing supply crate drops to squads with a chopper. Dropping the blue smoke and hovering while I dropped the crates *fast ropes* and flew back ^.^
  11. Hello everyone, got a few things to say!

    Guy was in my Squad today and was an Ace comrade in arms! Welcome to Squad buddy ^.^
  12. I heard at the end of the video they were thinking of getting more test players? ... .......
  13. Logistics of Personnel [OP summarized]

    Wow! Reading through all of this it's been well thought out and a very interesting idea that has some cute little icons to help convince me. I for one am definitely into this idea, in PR there was that all to often danger mission to fly in a squad and drop em an ammo crate or two, allowing them to create that false front line and from there on it became a lot of small scrims and back handers. This idea still allows people to create these flanking FOBS but makes them more risky in terms of deployment and continous use, giving defenders a chance to locate from recon where supply units are going and home into that location. A needed element I feel since right now defenders become encircled all to often and no matter how much clearing they do one side never actually becomes clear due to the teleportation without risking a squad or a small fireteam to clear it out and still hold a flag. The added complexity also gives room for a higher level of thought for a commander making him more then just gracing us with nice UAVs but prioritising tickets to locations and working alongside SL's more. This factor could make it go down hill as it becomes a bit dependent on players but thinking of outside just public, and long term for Clans, Squad league and perhaps long term public after looking at how the PR community can usually ebb and flow well together. I think it would add a very good tactical element increasing the way Squad aims to play out while not making it overly complicated such as the whole crates and ammo found in Arma, it requires planned thought and a plan but not 30 minutes discussing in teamspeak beforehand it can be changed and adapted in a match, allowing Public players to hopefully work well together, while allowing more organised structures to really sink their teeth into a strong 'smart' way of playing.
  14. Hey all! So ever since a few patches ago I've noticed I have to disconnect and then reconnect via the server browser when a round is over. If I stay on the server, no matter what server I get a server lost connection or a time out when the map change is initiated. While loading is also a rather slow process for me! Does anyone have a suggestion as to why?
  15. Founder Tag

    Ah thank you for the help! Least I got to support the game I've wanted all this time after playing PR for a few years, nice to have had all the swag but just being able to play Squad for so long has been a luxury in it's own way! Again thank you for explaining ^.^