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  1. Helicopters & Rallies

    I agree it's very little manoeuvre right now, I think we have a lot of cool kits, we have HMG's, LMG's, bipods, transports, engineers can drop sandbags. All of these slow time game mechanics, but in the end even when it was a conventional fight the best option was to let a lone wolf sneak to the enemy radio and blow it up. The game has given us many cool tools for slow paced gameplay, but even if I deploy a bipod I'm more likely to get shot then have a positive from it. I'm not sure how to change much of this, and this is all topic for another discussion as I have some ideas. But I think firstly starting with Rallies to try and encourage more front line and manoeuvre compared to the current meta is a good start.
  2. Helicopters & Rallies

    Yeah I remember those days pretty hard, you became a rally nanny and the meta peer pressured you to disengage and always run back. I agree, a timer is the most elegant, it still takes meta but I am here for teamwork and pacing, not Arma style realism (which is fine and dandy when I want that, I am not bashing arma). A timer removes the pressure from the Squad lead, it becomes a hard fact of 'this is our rally, it's gone in 60, wait 3 minutes' and you can't pressure the timer down or try to nanny it. The ammo consumption I fear will take away the ammo bearing for LAT's and other required roles, I've played games when designated ammo bearers don't know they can drop ammo, or they want another kit and change. holding back ammo from LAT's and other kits so the SL can have the rally placement will still have the potential of making it a rally nanny situation. I'm not saying it can't work though and I think all suggestions should be considered, I just am strongly in favour of a none permanent rally that does not give squad members the ability to dictate the SL should focus more on rally up keep as part of his duty.
  3. Helicopters & Rallies

    Ah, I'm not saying the rally doesn't exist, as those spawn trap situations do exist, or just after an incredible assault/defence. A rally can be placed like normal but the difference is that the are not permanent in their staying power. After say 60 seconds it goes and a timer must expire to place another. 30m is an issue when engaging and flanking on larger maps, they can place a rally in the mountains and it will effectively serve as a HAB for the duration of the flag assault. Too far for an effective search but good enough to launch a persistent assault from. So yeah, don't get rid of rallies, but more of a short term spawn than a consistent emplacement.
  4. Helicopters & Rallies

    Firstly thank you all for the comments and discussion, even when certain ideas aren't to your taste. I think maybe a change to the rally system, how to go about that I'm unsure. But some thoughts: Timer We could add a timer to the deployment of the rally for Irregular forces, this would make it loss mobile in placement with reduced flexibility depending on the time restriction while allowing it to be the same mechanics as the current rally. Giving them the swap style approach with the ability of multiple flanking attacks, aiding to their style. However the timer is very meta, potentially a good starting point to test this game play feature and see how the players work with it. Judging by the current play style, it could be a tad too chaotic and unfair for a public game against the conventional forces, since a well planned assault with smoke mortars, commander UAV and arty can still be thwarted by biker boi's to place rallies. Ammo Consumption Okay so having the rally be place able (much like the ammo bags) could be a way to give them the creative freedom to place a rally whenever they like, however by making it require say, 300 ammo? They wouldn't be able to rearm from a riflemen. This makes sure a riflemen ammo is going towards the correct and intended game play for them to stock the rockets and medics instead of becoming a right hand man for the Squad lead. Also, 300 ammo would burn up supplies from FoB's and thus make sure the game still has a some sort of balance since now while they can swarm, they might be low on ammo, bandages, smokes. So while they can fight from anywhere, as a choice it will make them under equipped unless they have a suitable Logistics line going. Separate Item Perhaps something akin to the Combat engineers mines? A sapper as such could place down a tunnel entrance? This could allow the rally to disappear at the same time of the conventional force timer but still give flexibility with moving around the map, encouraging the swarm mentality. Kit limitations could be given for balance much like the HATs to ensure not too many potential spawns are given. This could still give too many spawns to the irregulars and make the problem worse but at least it's something to consider. Thoughts guys?
  5. Helicopters & Rallies

    After playing around with the new helicopters, I've thought of some suggestions that could be applied to both the current conventional forces and the irregulars. The suggestions come from numerous play time in Squad from Kickstarter till now, PR, Battlefield and Rising storm. Situation Firstly, I understand why the game play choices were made during the development of Squad when vehicles were still in development, however now with the faster transport for larger maps and factions having equal balance in conventional force roster, I think that permanent rallies should be removed. Having rallies as a consistent spawn point takes away from the ebb and flow of combat, with no real defence, attack, silence and more of a run gun element without much silence, no real transport and less squad to squad game play. I spent a whole game as a helicopter pilot ferrying supplies (which is totally fine, it's what you do!) but not once as a transport after the initial rush, once squads placed their rallies, they were mobile from that point as it was a home brewed spawn. The issue with this is the fast paced flanking, where you eliminate a defence or counter attack but instead of having a rest, recoup and combat flow you become bogged down in a wave style attack, the same can be said for FOB's except their rearms from logistics, their large nature makes them easier to find. Feedback from taking a FOB also has that heroics game play that feels rewarding, I rarely know I've destroyed a Rally and often can keep looking for a while longer. Front lines exist less and more of an on point swivel even when large engagements are underway, which makes sense, but the ability to give up, spawn and run in from a different angle with such speed (even if it does take a minute+) is very different to the more tactical approach and slower movement. Since helicopters and now armoured transport is a thing, removing rallies persistence would better enforce team play and a slower style of game play, or at least force squads to work more with each other, compared to currently infantry and infantry, with heavier assets doing their thing. Who should get permanent rallies? Irregular forces are out gunned, out... well everything right? But that works for their play style. They are nimble, swarm and disappear style of game play. Previously this has been done in games by including tunnels within the map, however as players recognise and learn from playing each side, the Blufor forces know the tunnel entrances and choke points of the Opfor through months of play. This completely erodes the intention of playing as a foreign inva... peace bringer with less knowledge of the land. Battlefield Vietnam did a really cool concept to defeat this, they allowed the Opfor to 'place' tunnels with a kit, essentially these were mobile spawn points. Since this fits their style without giving a predictability, allowing Militia and Insurgents to utilise the permanent rally feature would be a neat way to keep them buffed (future conditions through testing could be applied, such as needing to rearm to place another one, akin to the ammo bag style of the riflemen) Conclusion I understand this approach to conventional forces would slow down their game play and potentially make it easier to steam role pub games, however like similar games with a dedicated player base, the general knowledge does get learn't over time and then from there, the base of standard is built. I do miss the times we would spend in game with a slow approach, chatting shit on a defence flag getting to know my squad before all hell broke loose, having to survive in a chaotic situation and then if you made it through, dumping a rally for those who couldn't be revived and then chatting, planning and having the silence to think and also actually become a bit nervous. Was it a Fob? Should we advance and try to get more info? Was it a Rally?? Or those amazing moments of flying in mid game in a chopper as transport, landing as the Canadian faction in the forest under smokes to get out, reinforce an already doomed squad in a desperate front approach, somehow pulling through and then, just then, a short rally dropped, then silence ensued for the next 5 minutes. As we tried to plan out the next move. Right now, you just keep running and it rarely goes without a gunshot. The trailer now states on the Steam page that it's combined arms with use of transport but that's not really the case after the first 10 minutes of setup... Thoughts please?
  6. Buddy Really! REMOVED!! 1.8

    I seriously think it would be, we were playing on the larger maps which I've really come to love since it really doesn't justify that much rushing, but we got dropped off by a chopper, only to play forts in a compound as we defended off 3 counter attacks as they had a rally just off in the hills we couldn't quite get. Feel if you manage to survive 2 counter attacks, they need to haul in from a Hab giving you some breathing time. The calm before the storm really makes the adrenaline pump harder. Having Rallies to rearm either after a successful attack or defence and not be dealing with a consistent onslaught I think would defo make the conventional forces dial in a supply line (either run by commander in between orders) and working together for assaults, giving more importance to mortars and heavy assets to wipe out infantry for combined assault. All in all, I just miss that awesome progressive through streets, keeping angles covered, taking contact, shifting to engage as a squad and moving on after a rally drop for those who couldn't make it. Right now, you take contact, then take more contact, then contact everywhere it feels like.
  7. Buddy Really! REMOVED!! 1.8

    OMFG!! Best Christmas gift ever, downloading squad now! If only they'd add a 60 second or 120 second timer since we now have helicopters to really hamper in slower gameplay.
  8. Okay, this has me excited! So excited I’m replying on my phone during holiday! Firstly, the spawn mechanics change seems like a fantastic step! I would love the whole APC ability, it can allow more motorised assaults. But the fact we are moving away from a higher rush spawn is good imo. A tactical advance seems correct to me! I would implore that we keep persistent ammo as well, that’s a feature I seem to really like! as for current mechanics, slowing down weapon raising, reloads and general running to make fire team buddies and what not more essential compared to Rambo would be ideal! some potential suggestions on top of all this excellent work: - Supply crates. Currently with it being a numbers game I don’t think you’ll see transport heli’s or IFV’s being utilised the same way. A physicalised crate allows the heli to hover and drop crates in more urban or difficult terrain. An IFV can resupply infantry by yeeting an ammo crate out the back and keep moving. I think this is important as currently infantry don’t pull sector on resupplies. I think you loose vehicles too often to this. I would envision it as potentially a transport heli or truck can carry 4 crates. Each worth 500p. You decide how many crates of what to load. An IFV could carry 2 300p ammo crates etc. That way the supplies can be physicalised. - I would make AT more effective and immobilising but not ‘killing’. My own thoughts so feel free to ignore. But I’d suggest that lighter rockets can cause damage and there be 2 states. Damaged but crew repair and damaged. Special repair (such as a construction crate being deployed next to it) allowing mini stories of heroism to unfold for vehicle crews without the infantry being unfairly punished with a vehicle still within fighting capacity after several attacks, I think this balance would make vehicles more sustainable and crewable but meaning they can still be abandoned or bailed. With the intention of being repaired. Again though. In these damage states they can’t harass infantry as easily. Other features of quality of life would be fire team leaders getting bino’s, FTL marks not disappearing during a squad order and keeping the all can revive feature but keeping a ‘you gon f*cked up’ part of being dead if you play anymore hopscotch with bullets. I’m sure there is more but I have 4% and still need to traverse a country to my PC so I need to go! how often are play tests?
  9. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Hey, just spent a day on the Public Test, thought I'd share some of my thoughts both good and bad! =) Game Engine Update! I'm not sure how much of this has been intentional optimisation or just engine update. But I have seriously seen a drastic improvement upon old performance, the game looks sharper, I can identify targets at longer distance, see movement through leaves (not full foliage, but US camo through a tree when I'm in a window I saw) and it doesn't tax my system as much, frame rate holds up! This is a great improvement for me, being able to clearly make out more detail at distance without face hugging the screen is really nice. I am seeing the occasional crash, but I'm being a good tester and sending the feedback! It usually happens during map change for me. Can't really say much more about this as I'm not sure the changes under the hood, but this, this I really like =) Vehicles seem incredible vulnerable, but buffed, which is cool. I'm getting behind the fact we can remove wheels from a car, means we can disable Logi's badly placed and keep them hostage. To counter this, maybe a way of destroying a friendly vehicle without the negative squad score? Still loose tickets, but you don't take a negative 'friendly' kill? That and maybe less ticket loss? So a gamble of the Attacker, either destroy the wheels, leave it hostage for infrastructure reasons, however you obviously don't get to ticket hit the enemy. If the enemy can 'destroy' the vehicle, a smaller ticket hit is taken, just for the fact they bothered to go out and destroy it appropriately? Just a small idea, rambling on the back of vehicles. Game Modes / Meta I've played more destruction than the other RAAS, It's currently pretty hard to get a foothold in the games I've been playing but I think this is more due to teamwork than the actual game. The UI for the map could do with some changes, I think the Orange lines without more direction feels a bit old school game UI. Either a more utilitarian style or a sleeker look could be a nice change? The RAAS I have played, Seemed a really fun setup, players still rushed, but more for scouting, however I noticed on the smaller maps, they scouted all the way to the enemy base, I'm not sure how to completely fix this rush, It was a tad sad to see our heavy armour just roll straight up the main highways, I suppose you could lock it down by hiding the main, but then even the meta, most of us would know where it is? The locations as well, definitely could use a change of being further or zig zag, I found after the first two flags it became kinda easy to see and what distance they'd be. I don't know if this was just because I played one game, or if the change you made to the zones will mean it will always be a nice distance for the flags. If that's the case, it would be nice to have a small change of the RAAS having something wild, like the zigzag of the manually created maps. Just for the spice of uncertainty. Squad Changes 1 Medic - I'm really getting behind the medic being less essential as a piece of glass, it makes asking as an SL for a single medic a lot less daunting. They are still essential for the role of an effective squad, but the scope addition means they can fight, and as a player not spend a good hour only looking at a bandage or hiding, maybe less realistic but a smooth way to make it more player taken. Combat Engineer - A sound addition! Like the fact he can dig quicker and has the ability to place defensible objects, he can work with HMG or Marksmen a lot as a FT to help secure an area or choke point, I'm hoping he doesn't just end up being the shovel bitch though, however the mines, C4 and what not should make him able to move around and be rather versatile. If the squad all builds HABS etc, he should really only be there for his speed on his own quick 'pick me up' fortifications. His ability to help vehicles to should make him a good asset when trying to work with other squads, cool tank stranded imagination here. FTL Changes - A good choice to remove range finder, it takes a hit for mortars but honestly seeing many 1 man FTL as a LAT kinda ruined it for me, made it difficult for vehicles and encouraged more isolated play. It's a shame I haven't seen many changes to the way squads have been working though since this implementation. Perhaps an FTL role, with bino's or extra ammo in the bag? So that he can keep his Fire Team up and active? I'm not sure on this, I just know it would be decent to have more Fire Team orientated play, feel this was a much needed change so thanks for that! New Map changes / UI - Love being able to draw a direction line, really smooths the process out for which way a vehicle is going or an overall movement, can help chain bounds together, I do dislike how I click on it, then have to click the next drop down, for only one option to select, it would be a small point but just an urk. Would like this to be a tad quicker and smoother. Rally System - Yeah.... This is a serious no from me. I actually like the fact as an SL I no longer need to run back every couple of tickets, I like the fact they now make sound, further highlighting such a valuable and time consuming asset to be placed, more thought needs to go into it. I do honestly see what was trying to be accomplished with the new idea as well, as at one point I found myself changing ours to assist Sq2. However, 1 moment of video game teamwork, vs a lot of the now rushed meta, careless action makes it not worth while, removing a squad in a desperate firefight, to find yourself flanked by a second squad now only means one thing, you'll face a zombie esque style of onslaught until ammo is depleted as you try to Easter egg hunt for all the rally's quickly before they can spawn and continue. Happy to have it in the for the public test for tweaking, but overall not feeling this vibe. Speed - I actually I'm okay with this, Hope I don't ruffle too many feathers with this choice! The animation could use some tweaks so it's a tad more natural, it currently really does look sped up, but the sense of urgency now as I do a dash across a street is felt =) Hope this covers most of it, anything else I think to add I'll mention! Thanks for taking the time to produce such a fab update =)
  10. Squad Leadership Research

    Done =)
  11. Mark Rifleman Ammo Bags on Map

    I would like this as well actually! Maybe just as a single shell or something? But having a fire team lock down a compound, it does make it a lot easier if all groups know where the ammo is located!
  12. V12 no ammo

    Actually, I'm really liking the system. If SL's plan accordingly with each other to place fobs and logistics is used correctly then spawning in for a defence, or mounting for an assault is fine. During a conflict or an assault trying to get ammo, you got the ammo bags and vehicles and to be fair I've had far more memorable moments with this patch, trying to coordinate with logistics squads or APC's and the flood of relief as it rocks up out of town and my fire team can resupply and get back into the fight. If even some of the squads work together than the ammo being persistent isn't a frustrating issue for squads with organised logistics on Habs, it comes an issue with Rallies. But not having to run back and place a rally cos of tickets, or lose a rally due to someone spawning in is such less hassle and frustration for an SL. I like the infinite rally. The counter of this being the persistent ammo? Even better, sometimes having to bail and regroup and resupply just adds to the fun and complexity of feeling like it's a prolonged battle instead of a run n' gun game. Personally, I really am enjoying the change of battle and more drawn out engagements, with the ebb and flow changing rather than just being a head lock charge, with emphasis on logistics now being essential. It's more fun then having to sit around waiting for a timer as respawns are the way of controlling the flow.
  13. supply system

    I do find the ammo crate system useful in PR. Honestly though I don't mind the current iteration for Squad, especially the resupply from infantry and vehicle, the heavier fob supplies though do have me questioning how it will work once helicopters are added. For instance could you just do a flyby passing and not even need to slow down and fear the risk of taking heavy fire? Just something I was pondering.
  14. Happy Anniversary Squad!

    I didn't realise a year had passed!! My goodness!!! Time flys when you're having fun I suppose! ;P Happy anniversary dear Squad!!!
  15. Fatal error problem

    Please, please, children. The devs have responded and so have the moderators. They have gotten back to us, and also let us not forget it is us in the first place that pined for these glories beasts of machines to be bestowed upon us in their vehicle glory. Month after month went by as the prophecies were proven wrong with each update until our blood lust became too much, to spare their young -and probably somewhat old- developer lives they threw vehicles into the sacrificial pit of the alpha testing. Tis an evil and tormenting place for many of these so called alpha youngins have been weaned to believe that the term alpha means early playable demo before you buy and not 'holy fucking shit what happens if we add this into the game? Oh, why did he turn blue?... fuck.' and thus the circle repeats, the developers do and get kicked in the balls. The developers don't, they get hunted with pitch forks. Okay shit aside. They worked long and hard for this update and to go to a convention is fair play in my book, calling them out for little to no response is I feel somewhat harsh since they are incredibly involved with the community through posts and they do actually. While this issue is kinda unexpected and the logistics system was a let down a little for me (Hey sorry devs I saw an opportunity to join in and couldn't resist a quick side kick in the ribs while you were down) The whole crashing thing? Really I'm okay with that as finding bugs are hard with a small team, we all bought this alpha game to give a big player base, allowing these bugs to be found and ironed out before it was released to the major public. By buying you should rather then be so rampant at blaming them and demanding rollback, record each crash, your system specs, what you were doing at the time of crash, how busy the server was (gawd so much effort I know, I usually make a pot of coffee for this part. Lewl jks I don't do crash reports). And thus you will mature into a proper, alpha's little helper: