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  1. "Glass Pane" Camera Effects

    Death to Lens Flare!
  2. What build/version of PR is squad most similar to for you?
  3. LevelCap FINALLY posts a Squad video

    Finally, About time. The developers should've reached out to youtubers like levelcap much sooner, specifically during the kickstarter campaign. Then Squad would have alot more visibility and operating capital.
  4. I had this idea a long time ago. Double Right Click It's simple and the most logical method of bringing up back up sights. You're a British rifleman with an old susat scope and the enemy is too close? Double right click for back up sights on top of the scope. You're a russian sniper with a PSO-1 SVD, double right click for rion sights below the scope. You're an american machine gunner with an M145? Double right click to use backup notch sights on the housing.
  5. Pre-alpha general impression main thread

    I missed the pre-alpha. Any videos?
  6. For 10 years. Since the original minimod when it was nothing more than a glorified HC mode(but a very good glorified HC mode).
  7. Man you guys are worse than the ARMA crew on reddit. Just because this game is 'realistic' doesn't mean you should shit on all ideas that you disagree with.
  8. Four Factions One Battle

    I'd love a Joint Ops map US + UK vs Insurgents Or a Three-for-All US vs China vs Russia
  9. Origin of your Game Name / Username

    u2had =name of disposable email I used to sign up for this sight. I always use disposable email because I still remember the AOL spam days. Ingame my nicks change every few months when I'm bored of them.
  10. Focus

    How about giving all weapons a 1.5x multiplier when aiming down sights? When using an Acog 4x it would be a 6x effective zoom, making 3-400m engagements that much easier. Same with sniper rifles. 10x=15x effective. Etc, etc.
  11. Will Picture in Picture scopes ever return?

    Because it's fucking cool.
  12. I've been busy with real life and I've just caught up with the latest bluedrake livestream. Please tell me will PiP scopes ever return? That's what I was looking forward to most. I understand it's taxing on the system. But it was the best feature of the game for me.
  13. See this is why I keep my mouth shut and wait for clients to pay me for my opinion. Everyone assumes that I'm shitting on the devs. I'm not. I want this game to succeed. Yes you got funded that's good, reaching your first stretch goal is great. But I believe that Squad had the potential to do more and go further beyond. I am not comparing you to star citizen or any other kickstarter. I am taking an objective stance from a professional view.
  14. I've been following the kickstarter for the past few weeks and I'd like to divulge from a professional standpoint why it's under performing. Yes it has been funded, and Yes you have reached your first stretch goal. I do "Marketing/Advertising" for a living. Gaining investors/backers ala kickstarter is my bread and butter. The minimum pledge is too high There is a class of kickstarter backers who pledge 1$ to many projects because they either look cool or catch their eye. Five dollars is alot to ask from people who are most likely unfamiliar with the premise of squad and project reality's legacy. If the pledge was lower I do believe you'd have an extra 100k or so by now. Marketing I was surprised that more youtubers did not cover Squad. The devs should have reached out to the likes of FrankieonPC, Totalbiscuit and even levelcap. And organized an open stream event the night of the kickstarter launch to build hype for this game. Combined with current youtbers like jackfrags and even angry joe, their subscribers number in the millions. Now Imagine if 10% of those subscribers pledged a dollar to the kickstarter? Stretch Goals are Confusing Again how many people on kickstarter are familiar with project reality? Probably Zero. Second: the stretch goals are all wrong. Stat Tracking and Role customization should have been integrated into the first stretch goal, that way it be almost guaranteed in the game and people who are stats junkies; can make or break your game. Why was battlefield 2 so popular? Because it had stats. Why does almost every game now track stats? Because people want it. Third: What are fast ropes? Why are helicopters so far up there? Are you saying that if you don't get 1,000,000$ this game will have no air vehicles? That's kind of depressing. Are you saying that they'll be in the game later? Than why should I back it now and spend money when I'll get it for free later? It's confusing to potential backers. And decentivizes further backing. Lastly: In my opinion every stretch goal past the first should have been a different faction. Why? Because factions would work best in the case of Squad. Factions are tangible and very easy to build hype for. I love that PR has so many, and they feel so different. I.E. Every 100,000$ or so bam you are guaranteed a new faction. United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, China, Germany, France, Etc. Hypothetical Scenario: Say youtuber A wants faction X at 400k and youtuber b wants faction Y at 750k, they would promote the shit out of squad to get their favorite factions in the game. And say Youtuber Z wants faction Z at 1mil, well now you've got a million dollars to play around with. Again I am not criticizing, only making an observation based on my experience.
  15. The Weapons Thread!

    I want to be able to select alt weapons for conventional factions but with a greater emphasis on scope selection. I.E. Rifleman can choose between M4 and M16A4 Marksman can pick between the SDM-R and M110 Machine Gunner can swap to either the M249 or M240 And each one can choose what scopes within reason(No Sniper scopes for Rifleman). On the Opfor side, I want greater weapons variety but limited ability to change scopes. That should be reserved for sniper, dmr and recon. Rifleman can have AK47, AKS-74U, G3, FAL, SKS, M870, ETC. Marksman can have the same + the SVD and the ability to mount scopes on his guns MG can have RPK, PKM, ETC.