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  1. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!

    Fractal r5 5960x i7 ([email protected]) 980ti classys in sli x99x killer as rock mobo cooler is an h110i gt. monitor xb270hu 1440p 144hz Gsync waiting for two 1080s to come in stock for a swap
  2. I could NEVER get into Arma 3. Every server is different, KOTH is boring as hell, and the game stinks.
  3. 980ti SLI, 5960x cooled by H110i GT I get around 80-100 now that I have the SLI profile working
  4. Unofficial SLI configuration for Squad

    Thanks for this bro it worked. 980ti SLI 5960x - XB270hu 2560x1440p I'm now getting 80-120fps. Before I followed the video (above) I was getting 60-70ish
  5. Come share a drink with some of the devs!

    Man I wish I could go but I live in California :[
  6. I was in a game last week and this guy "C0DE" had 78 kills.
  7. bro I sent in an application. I'm on the west coast but never got adjusted to the time so I'm always on when you guys are.
  8. Tiger Platoon

    Bro can I join tiger platoon?