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  1. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Class act! Many thanks to Offworld and everyone else behind Squad!
  2. xIGuNDoCIx's Combat Footage From The Front

    Man vs MRAP Again scouting for my squad with the sniper kit, only this time as the Insurgents using the Dragunov. Make call back to SL letting him know that MRAPS are inbound. Decided to take a few shots at one and this is what happened. Enjoy and thanks for watching!
  3. xIGuNDoCIx's Combat Footage From The Front

    Squad v9.0 has released and this is short clip of our squad getting pinned in a compound and then us trying to breakout with a Stryker. Got a chance to be the Gunner on the .50 Cal and made the Insurgents pay.
  4. xIGuNDoCIx's Combat Footage From The Front

    Back in action hunting a BTR!
  5. xIGuNDoCIx's Combat Footage From The Front

    Taking a turn as the RPG gunner and doing work!
  6. xIGuNDoCIx's Combat Footage From The Front

    Nice short clip of our squad ambushing another squad and then out maneuvering them on the flank.
  7. Matsimus Gaming Plays Squad (Badly LOL)

    Good stuff! Glad to see you back in Squad!
  8. xIGuNDoCIx's Combat Footage From The Front

    The battle continues... We continue our attack at the railyards after defending the storage site. Again we come under heavy attack and as the Medic I was constantly moving around trying to provide critical aid the to wounded.
  9. xIGuNDoCIx's Combat Footage From The Front

    Firefight at the Storage Site!
  10. Best SQUAD video to pitch game to my friends?

    You can always use mine! :D
  11. Very glad to hear!!! You said it and we are going to hold you to it!!! :P
  12. BIA games while not perfect were some of the best WWII titles for their generation. The only thing that I can remember coming close to the BIA style of Squad management on the Modern Battlefield was "Full Spectrum Warrior" and its sequel "Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers". FSW https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_Spectrum_Warrior FSW:TH https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_Spectrum_Warrior:_Ten_Hammers It was a good game for its time!
  13. Great reply's and ideas from everyone! Correct but shouldn't it be an inherent ability for the Insurgents regardless of gametype? Another concept that I thought of while eating BBQ at a Veterans Day function a little while ago was to give the Insurgents the ability to "Fade Away" back into the "populace." The mechanic would work like this: INS (Insurgent) SL would place a RP somewhereSquad spawn on it per usualSquad also has the ability to go back to RP and use it to remove themselves from the battle space without incurring a ticket loss ie dropping thier weapon and "blending in"Squad can then spawn on another FOB or controlled location on the map or even another RP if their SL has placed another one after a 5-10 second timeout.With this you can simulate very nice "hit and run" style ambushes. Imagine the possibilities of being able to continually harass and frustrate the US/RUS players! Talk about fun times! ;) This could/would also mitigate the superior firepower of both the US and RUS forces as they could be engaging (or think they are engaging) 1 INS squad one minute just to have 3 more "pop" up in the AO. You then get a numbers vs. troop quality style engagement that is similar to the real world.
  14. Map: Grid References - How To

    I gotcha and hear what you are saying. On the minimize thing you would only need to do it once after you initial spawn of you chose to stay in the same squad/role. One keystroke to rule them all! Lol
  15. Map: Grid References - How To

    Yes but my point is why cant they both be integrated into the same keystroke with the ability to "minimize" parts of the menu while still keeping the OTM Nav?