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  1. Next Gen Consoles

    Currently there are no plans for this.
  2. Laptops that work with squad

    I run squad on a 2013 macbook pro with an external GPU You won't find any laptop for 700-900$ that will run Squad. Looks like 1100$ is an absolute minimum:
  3. First I was going to say "I'm 99.9% sure that insurgents won't get helicopters!". I think I'm actually 100% sure. Insurgents will probably have more deployables and more surface to air weapons to balance things.

    There are a few differences between these machines. None of the difference are worth an extra 1000$. The more expensive machine offers: Two storage media. A 2 TB hard disk drive (spinning HDD) and a solid state drive (definitely better, but user upgrade-able in the future). A special version of the i7 7700 processor that permit "overclocking" (running your CPU at a higher frequency). You won't need this. CPU water cooling. This is a gimmick to justify the +1000$ price. If you want fancy water cooling, a moderately technical user can add an "all in one" CPU cooler later. WI-FI connectivity. You'll want a wired connection for gaming anyway. You could also add a wifi controller in the future if necessary. The second machine is almost twice the price for very little additional hardware. The 1200$ machine is a much better value, and will handily play squad. You can find many similar machines on newegg for around the same price. You might look around a bit to find one with a case you like, which has the front panel ports (IO) you prefer.

    This will be a suitable pre-built computer (wifi not included): If your budget is lower, you might also consider a used machine from ebay.
  6. I'd like to see the name tags go away at distance. At least they should be on a toggle.
  7. Please no shovel melee

    This really doesn't warrant a thread. Shovel squads ruining games is not a serious concern.
  8. Is this an Easter Egg?

    If you stand on the top-most rock forming the "A" and look straight up, you can see the image of Abraham Lincoln in the clouds. Not an Easter Egg though, just normal water vapor simulation.
  9. Is this an Easter Egg?

    Yes I'd say that's an easter egg, which is to say that it was IronTaxi having fun. Unless it was the other dev with Taxi in their name.
  10. Is it possible?

    80 players probably wouldn't be enough to populate 25 square km of city.
  11. Devblog - Out and About

    This was cool to see. Thanks for putting it together.
  12. Geforce GTX 745 Heat problems..

    Replacing a video card is an extremely simple, quick procedure. The last generation GTX 970 is a great value: Your gtx 660 will probably be a better card. Swap them out. Test it.
  13. A Big Problem A Big Solution

    Devs are adding nth wheel functionality. See "Systems":
  14. You can get a GTX 970 on the CHEAP now that the 10 series is out. They're great cards and you should get some decent life out of it.