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  1. CTD in v3

    Ran fine, then i got supressed, tracers flying overhead. Suddenly i crashed to desktop. This didn't happen in the previous version. Win 7 64. GTX 970. 16 GB ram.
  2. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

    Good points from OP. Agreed.
  3. Good tip. I'm on 385.28 since this thread and Squad performs the same as it did when i ran 350.12. I'll try 372.90 soon.
  4. Are there GTX 970 users out there that have a favorite Nvidia driver for Squad? I have been running 350.12 for a long time and Squad runs great with it. However, it's a pretty old driver by now and i need to update. Some more recent games i play are showing driver related bugs.
  5. Cheers. I'm now updated to 385.28. Gameplay feels a bit choppy but the framerate is >80. Could be driver related, or the server. I'll try some other drivers. I'm reading the discussions on guru3d which is big help.
  6. OP, so you're saying that you went to the Low preset, and then put everything below on high / epic and it improved performance? I wonder what is actually changed with the presets. Streaming poolsize limit for vram, drawdistance for certain objects and/or effects, audio channels. It's probably just me but not knowing what causes the performance improvement sets me off on a wild google chase through the .ini's. @smo0ths
  7. Crackling sound, only with Squad?

    Digital crackling means the signal is too loud internally and clips. You should try to set Windows Master volume to about 50%. You can find it at the Speaker icon. Leftclick on it once to get the main/speaker output slider and put it on 50. Also, then rightclick the Speaker, choose Playback device. Doubleclick the Speakers to open Properties: Check -if available- the Tone tab. Put Bass & Treble boost at 0dB. Check Levels tab. Make sure evverything is at 50. Check other tabs and make sure no additional fx processing is active. Finally check Advanced tab and make sure you're not running an audio quality over 24 bit, 48000Hz.. 16bit 44100 or 48000 are fine.
  8. Your router seems to choke up by the amount of server pings / connections. If you can, bypass the router (pc-> modem) and see if the problem goes away. Or, google your router with similar problems. You are likely to find a fix.
  9. I'm not sure if these are known errors in the new map already? There's a bunch of invisible walls. Otherwise can i pm someone screenshots and map locations.
  10. Insivible walls Al Basrah

    Hahaha. My bad, it was late last night at the end of a long working day. Sending PM!
  11. Insivible walls Al Basrah

    Hi Paul, thanks. In the mean time i already forwarded the information to Nordic. Hi, i didn't post screenshots on purpose. Afraid to spread possible exploits publicly. I didn't know the mapper or i would have PM-ed him.
  12. Starting Squad in full screen mode still leads to a black screen / freeze, as long as i start in Windowed mode there is no problem. My normal Squad launch routine is start in Windowed mode, then select Full screen in the menu and Apply. Play. After playing i switch back to Windowed mode and then quit. If i don't set Squad to Windowed mode then the next time i start the game it freezes again with a black screen. Only way to quit is through taskmanager. Anyone knows what causes this? Am i the only one (left) with this bug? No other recent Unreal Engine game, nor any other game, does this. It only happens in Squad. Win 7 - i7 3770K - GTX 970 - 16MB
  13. Never happened before the latest patch. Many times when i start Squad, it begins to load and then pauses and nothing happens. I have to end the task and start Squad again. Then it works fine, as always. I don't know whats going on here. win 7 64, i7 3770K, 16GB, GTX970
  14. I don't think that is the cause because i do run the game in the same resolution as my desktop, and also in borderless mode. Always have. If i try to run in fullscreen mode Squad will freeze when starting up. There's a different thread on that somewhere.
  15. Before you run the game, press CTRL SHIFT ESC. Select Options and make sure Always On Top is marked.
  16. So glad to hear i'm not the only one who this is happening to. I wonder if there are more who have this?
  17. Bit hard to help OP. OP asks for developer's help. They came and explained what is wrong. OP doesn't want to rollback video drivers. Says devs must fix it. OP should do what everybody is saying. Rollback gfx driver. Don't OC cpu. Try limiting FPS and underclocking gfx card.
  18. Release: Alpha Version 8.9

    Love the Medic bandage buff.
  19. Since the last hotfix (hotfixes), a few of us are experiencing micro stutters in-game every now and then. The game freezes for half a second and goes on. I never had these hitches in-game before. Win7 64 i7 3770k 3.5GHz gtx 970 16GB
  20. Squad freezes at startup

    I get those freezes starting the game when i run Fullscreen. Try setting the game in Borderless. It works for me. But i still wish i could run Fullscreen without freezing..
  21. It would be great if there was an option to have the Compass in the top part of the HUD. Cheers.
  22. In-game my horizontal mouse movement is right where i want it, the vertical movement however is too slow for my taste. Is there a way to only increase the Y-Axis sensitivity for mouse movement? My resolution is 1920x1080.
  23. Night time

    I very much enjoy playing the night maps. They look very good and help sneaky gameplay, which i also like. On topic, i don't really care about a percentage of players who boost gamma. They miss out on a pretty picture. Anyway, i'd hate to see these maps even less in rotation.
  24. Grenade sounds

    I think so too. Then it's just a bunch of firing sounds that have a long tail (at that point likely inaudible) and because so many instances are playing at a time, there's no free channel for the grenade sound. There's half a bottle of whisky standing here so i might be wrong about everything.
  25. FPS help

    Squad gameplay is most definitely not cod run and gun. But do try. Join a server and run and gun. See how that goes.