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  1. I now have founder skins?

    @SuicidalChair sorry if you're not the right person to report this to but I don't really know.
  2. Black screen on startup?

    Try starting the game in windowed mode. A friend of mine has had that problem and resolved it this way. Don't know the steps though, so can't walk you through it..
  3. I'm pretty sure (and it's been discussed several times on the forums) that you only lose one ticket per perma-death... You don't lose a ticket when you get incapacitated. Unless it's been changed very recently.
  4. Care to explain your math please? When you die, you only lose one ticket, not two... Unless I missed something, in which case, forgive me.
  5. 1. Thanks for making this post 2. Was about to post that ^^ 3. North East of the Niva Lower, about 200 m out, there's one of them sound glitches. It's really problematic being one of the main flanking routes.
  6. Smoke Grenade Efficiency

    Hey guys, I tried looking for a thread that already deals with this but haven't found one, so here goes. I was wondering if US smoke grenades are less efficient than the others, since the smoke only comes out from one side. as opposed to two on other nations models. Basically, is the total volume of smoke the same, or does the US smoke grenade make a smaller screen? I hope I'm being clear enough.
  7. Gorodok Map FPS Improvement?

    @UnderFire, while I partly agree with what you are saying in that people should also take into account their willingness to upgrade their hardware (my case), questions about bad optimisation (which, I know, is normal) are relevant. Consider this imaginary case: Devs make absolutely no effort to optimise --> Only very high end rigs can play the game. Should people just suck it up? Spend money they don't have on top notch hardware? Or should they maybe have a dialogue with the devs about finding a compromise? So back to reality, the question is now for the concerned users we are: where have the devs decided to place this compromise.
  8. Smoke Grenade Efficiency

    Smokes have their use only in specific circumstances due to the drawback of giving away your position. Medics should only rarely use smoke for cover, and more importantly, throw them from somewhere they can't get shot/naded.
  9. Gorodok Map FPS Improvement?

    Have you ever thought that maybe it has something to do with the map size and view distances?
  10. Soooo

    It obviously isn't an ideal rate... What I meant, is that for my rig, 40 fps is above average performance. I also meant, that I just sucked it up, got used to it, and never let 30 fps ruin my time playing the game. You've gotta make do with what you have! Edit: I've been saving to buy the 1070, and then I can join the big boys club No seriously, I can't wait to be able to turn shadows on, and graphics up...
  11. Alpha Version 6 Released

    You can actually still shovel, only at very restricted angles for some reason.. But yes, it is very buggy...
  12. Rant of the month!

    There's a difference between documenting yourself on how to be a good medic and practicing to be a good medic. Good medics don't just become good medics straight away. You've got to give people a chance at getting better, through practice. As he said, complaining isn't the right solution. Giving tips or helping them out is best at helping people up.
  13. Soooo

    Really man? I didn't pick this up on my first read, then I saw it... Dude, my rig is pretty shit, everything is on low, and I'm happy when I get 40 fps! I play every night and I really don't mind 30 fps, which is perfectly playable for me. 40 fps is godlike for me!
  14. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Small screen...
  15. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Oh copy, thanks! Edit: Are you sure though @Xx-RAGING-DEATH-xX? My reports aren't relevant to the VOIP bug.
  16. News about v6.2

    Could you please make a Gorodok feedback thread? I've got some content to put in there Unless you've intentionally not made a thread, then never mind... Edit: Never mind, found where to post such things
  17. Never mind, the issue has already been addressed.
  18. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Is there going to be a Gorodok feedback thread? I already have a list of things to report, despite not playing so much on that map
  19. Also we want combat priests, you know, for morale? Like they only get a robe and a staff, maybe some holy smoke grenade? Edit: And make them able to multiply supply points for FOBs out of thin air! But this would make them so OP their number should be limited for the team...
  20. Remove limitations of toggle ADS option

    Yep, I use lean + move + toggle ads on all the time when clearing corners... Might just be a bug?
  21. Giving up is punished by a ticket loss. You lose tickets when you bleed out/give up or die immediately due to having been revived recently.
  22. Since V6: I have noticed this happening to some of my clan mates very regularly, some not so frequently, and almost every round a squad mate has this issue. It happens to pretty much every class afaik, not just SL. Disconnecting and reconnecting fixes the issue. It has only happened to me once. I play with sound settings on high
  23. Founder Weapon Skins

    Hey guys, I think I have figured something out. I'm not 100% sure, but I have the impression that the options for the founder skins is only when you are in server/shooting range. I don't remember seeing the options in the main menu. Should be under game settings, and at the bottom of the page when you are in a server..