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  1. Per the request of Offworld Industries Tier 5 operator Black Mamba will be doing a full evaluation of the game Squad. The full video report will be shared with Offworld Industries leadership and the secret community here at JoinSquad.com We would like to start off with an introduction from the Black Mamba and will release several videos thereafter. Please be advised if you run into the Black Mamba on the battlefield act normal so as not to taint our evaluation. [This message has been deemed top secret by Tier 5 commander General Spudzy] THE BLACK MAMBA Our first evaluation video will be on whether the game of SQUAD is conducive to teamwork. When you join random squads with strangers will they accept the BLACK MAMBA? Are people actually using coms and trying to work as a cohesive team like Black Mamba's Swamp Unit? [This message has been deemed top secret by Tier 5 commander General Spudzy] BLACK MAMBA
  2. Shakenbake Videos- Cheers!

    Having a great time with the AMG guys from down under...cheers!
  3. Great thread OP...yes welcome to the community and don't forget to watch your six!
  4. Shakenbake Videos- Cheers!

    Okay this was from my stream today and not sure if he was reloading but was pretty hilarious and epic at the same time...cheers! https://twitter.com/_shakespub_/status/676821965282385921
  5. Shakenbake Videos- Cheers!

    Okay guys had a little break from SQUAD and was kind of waiting for the Steam release....which is here!! Here is a little livestream footage which was insanely and intense and fun. Another video processing will be up soon with much better quality (1080|60fps). Congrats dev team on the Steam release!
  6. Shakenbake Videos- Cheers!

  7. Shakenbake Videos- Cheers!

    Time to play MEDIC...so far one of my favorite roles. Shout out to my squad mates thank you!
  8. Shakenbake Videos- Cheers!

    Thought it was time for a new video intro and of course it had to have a SQUAD theme!
  9. OBS Settings

    I have used various programs (i.e. Action) and it seems to occur with SQUAD not sure myself.
  10. Shakenbake Videos- Cheers!

    Hmmm...what could it be? Well of course SQUAD Friday Night Rumble!
  11. Shakenbake Videos- Cheers!

    It's not squad but turned out pretty funny as I couldn't get into the damn package! Hope SQUAD opens up a merchandise store for SQUAD to add to my collection.
  12. Shakenbake Videos- Cheers!

    Alright guys we have SQUAD fever so we will be livestreaming again tonight...FRIDAY NIGHT RUMBLE!
  13. Shakenbake Videos- Cheers!

    lol just made my day!
  14. Shakenbake Videos- Cheers!

    Another great livestream today...I love this game!!!