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  1. Squad SDK preview version

    Doesn't matter at all since the Devs already decided that Squad will be moddable, however there are still people that don't understand this and therefore decide unreasonable on this poll. Also, while Arma is a solid franchsise and another cake, I don't see why Squad shouldn't benefit the same way Arma did. Modders are mostly people that understand the hassle of developing and therefore should also understand when things are changing during development. @Fishman: I don't think this contributes to the topic.
  2. Squad SDK preview version

    I don't think the outcome of this pool will be based on reasonable decisions. Not only becuase most people here aren't modders, I want to point out that there were some people which asked the Devs to FORBID modding, because they were to retarted to install mods on Arma 3 or couldn't use the server browser to find unmodded servers. I voted Yes, because it also worked in the Arma 3 Alpha and did affect that game positively.
  3. Won't modding turn Squad into an ArmA3 nightmare?

    Bye then! Mods will be supported, if you like it or not. Feel free to never come back.
  4. Will Mods Ruin The Game?

    For every stupid topic like this, I'm going to kill a toddler.
  5. SQUAD doesn't pretend and isn't a SIM. The sooner you understand this , the better. This also mean this game isn't against Arma.
  6. Steam forum needs some active admins.

    Yeah, you're already get blamed as a fanboy if you don't have perormance problems.....Steam forums are cancer and I still don't know why I'm reading them.
  7. Performance. List specs-fps-settings

    Also, we are still in alpha so that thread really isn't that out of date.
  8. Jets in the future?

    For me to enjoy Squad, Jets should either be done right or not at all. So it doesn't mean DCS realism, however the authenticy (?) should be equal to the realims on ground combat, cause it would be a shame if the immersion that we already have through fairly realistic guns/sounds/whatever would be destroyed by a 10Km/h flying jet, just because we desperately needed jets to work on 4x4map.
  9. Implementing Nvidia Turfworks

    Just because it's from Nvidia doesn't mean it's taxing, take waterworks for example: It's used in War Thunder and Just Cause 3 and can't be turned off, which isn't a problem because it isn't taxing at all and also works perfectly on AMD cards It would be awesome if tanks could roll thorugh grass fields and leave a big gaps behind them IMO.
  10. Indeed, there is no reason for it being in the game.
  11. Free look / TrackIR Support

    If you think it's annoying than don't use it.
  12. More Stances - (ARMA3 style)

    I'm not suprised something like this is coming from you... Anyway, that's not what he suggested in his comment at all and if you don't agree with him you should use arguments. Also, since more buttons for more stances are optional, there is no reason to not include them just because some people are to bad to remember more than 3 keys. If you don't like them, don't use them but I like to have control over my character.
  13. I actually agree with the OP, cause the only reason I stayed away from this forum was the pointless Arma hate. http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/6529-vehicle-damage-states/?p=105940 ^In this thread as an example someone is suggesting the Arma way of showing vehicle damage, which is acutally quite userfriendly and not complicated at all, however instead of acknowledging this, the suggestion gets dissaproved because something that comes from Arma MUST be complicated and slow....right? The system btw. looks like this: Not really complicated, so one can assume the poster didn't even know the system and just hated on it for being from Arma. The other time someone even aske the devs to dissallow mods, because he didn't like that you have so many playstyles in Arma 3. For the sole reason that he was too incompetent to use the Arma server browser to search for his favourite playstyle. This is especially "funny", because without mods this game probably wouldn't even exist....
  14. Please please mods dont kill this game.

    Can we ban all the AAS servers, cause I don't like that gamemode, please? /thread
  15. E-tool melee..

    When you don't have a pistol and run out of mags... Especially when you are at the frontline and no FOB close to you.