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    I wanna buy some shirts and shit mang.
  2. Squadleader Roles

    I think this makes sense although it might make it harder for friends to get in the same squad.
  3. Error When Launching Game

    I made a shortcut to the file on my desktop and that was what was not working. Even though the files are extracted and everything. I guess don't use a shortcut but that doesn't make sense.
  4. Error When Launching Game

    When I downloaded 2.1 I was not able to connect to any servers on it, so i kept ignoring it and trying again later. But now I get a new error that occurs even before the watermark shows up in the middle of the screen. Error Message Couldn't start: "C:\Users\Name\Desktop\Squad\Binaries\Win64\Squad.exe" CreateProcess() returned 2. I tried to look for the file location but couldn't find it and I am very new to coding so I am not exactly sure what the createprocess means. I hope this can be figured out soon so I can go back to playing Squad.
  5. A new squad's member

  6. Youtube Video Feedback

    I think this video is a lot better and my art goes better together.
  7. Youtube Video Feedback

    These are some great tips, I will put these things into consideration more often for sure. The regular uploads is a bit of a problem as I am in highschool still and on top of that don't get home after school until about 6:00. I also work on weekends so time is tight but I will try to make more videos. I will also try other games in the near future and tweak my channel art a bit. My thumbnails are really bad but I am going to get photoshop to fix that. Also idk about the intro video as I find that when other channels upload them I never watch it. Also I would probably never do anything close to a vlog or irl video. Also another problem is that I need to be more enthusiastic and such. An entertaining personality is important but I am still getting into it and am still not fully used to being recorded lol. A big problem is that my audio never sounds as good as in the editor. How can I fix this? Should I export to a high quality file then upload instead of direct upload? If anyone knows the answer to this I would really like to know.
  8. Youtube Video Feedback

    So I had to stop making youtube videos a while back and now I finally got back into it now that I have much better internet connection. None of you have seen my videos so I think that would be the best way to get feedback. I am going to leave a couple videos in here and a link to my channel. What I am looking for is feedback on how I can improve my audio, music, cuts, etc. Please be honest if you hate it and tell me why. :) P.S - I plan to record many other games besides Gmod so I would also like to know what people want to see. Thanks, Nauticas. Gmod videos ***************** #1 - (Funny moments style video) (Would have been a lot better and longer but lost a lot of really good footage)#2 - (Was supposed to be similar to the first one but solo. What is in this video was only supposed to be the intro to the actual video) Channel Page ****************** https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7VO1yVf0nnFdadGrNqTRAA (Some opinions on what would make my channel art,logo,thumbnails,watermark,layout, etc more appealing would be appreciated) BRING ON THE (CONSTRUCTIVE) CRITICISM!
  9. Animation using in-game models

    So I would like to use game models in my hitfilm editor to make videos themed around the game. An example of what I mean would be those arma 2 animations at the start of frankieonpcin1080p's dayz videos. I am wondering if i am allowed to use these models, and if so how would I go about getting them?
  10. Bleeding icon

    I think it good as is. More realistic and encourages communication to have an effective medic
  11. Kicking people out of squads

    Maybe a vote kick option that the whole squad votes on? But maybe friends will kick people from their squad trying to get only their friends in the squad, so could be abused either way. Best to not put a kick IMO.
  12. Download Links

    I am a squad leader tier and I have received my key, registered and am ready to go. I am just wondering what the difference is between the two download links as I have no idea what they mean.
  13. Environment Art Update #1

    That mosque would make an amazing FOB, And I like how the buildings are like arma where they are alot more minimal than they would be in real life as far as size and number of rooms.
  14. What do you guys think of this?? Hit markers

    not having hit markers adds the tension of having to look around the corner after you shot a guy running by. also you can prob tell by checking player list or something
  15. weekend only play?

    The pre-alpha was on weekends but the alpha is 24/7 And btw I have seen the answer to this almost everywhere people asked when the alpha was