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  1. Sound Fix please!

    Can you make the Game compatible with spatial windows sonic sound as at the moment I can not hear anything when I am playing the game, just make it like Battlefield compatibility. thanks
  2. HDU

  3. HDU

    The game is in need of an HDU to navigate around the map it is kill the fun with out it is making players hard to navigate around weather on foot or in a vehicle so please please please do not kill off this game create an HDU for it thanks.
  4. General of the army

    Need to put that in the new V8
  5. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    So can any one tell me when will we see this V7 release. The month is nearly over would be straight after Twitch stream? This weekend.
  6. Squad Leader Recommendation Thread

    List of recommended Squad leader / Field Commander Bi1a1. You can add your name if you have the experience.
  7. Mic/team killing trolling!!

    I think sometimes you can have team killing by accident so let us not be hard on the people who do as it get really intense on the battlefield.
  8. we can do with a ranger lol
  9. Mic/team killing trolling!!

    thanks for the correction i was typing fast and wanted to go out so did not have the chance to proof read it hahahah. They for sure will have you for supper if are misbehaving.
  10. Mic/team killing trolling!!

    Yeah its him
  11. Today was a squad leader on a server and I had a bad experience where by person has taken a squad Lead position and was playing music on the squad leader channel making it very difficult to communicate with squad members or other squad leaders. In the same game we had some one also team killing. I was searching for an admin to sort this out but with out any luck. I think we should appoint a supper admin that can access all servers and have the power to mute kick or give warning to miss users . ps- i would like to apply for this position.
  12. Dear DEV Team Can you please bring back the stacking of sand bags and tires as it more realistic and this does happen in real life events at least get the stacking to be as a soldiers height in a standing position and no more, please consider this in the next update. I hope people agree with me because the current constructions of sand bags barley covers the legs and find it useless, this is not just my opinion but a lot of people.
  13. Squad Server Files Released!

  14. Founder tags in forum

    How do I add my founder tags in forum any ideas please help;.
  15. We need better coordination in the game for example assigning a general role to order squads and if the obey orders the can have rewards for example helicopter support or artillery. The general role could be a combat role too this will also help in making easy for communication as I find that squad leaders all talk at the same time so if you have the general role you only have direct communction to him only and he can relay messages to other squad leads.