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  1. Concerned

    I am concerned why the response to the video is not put on a platform like the joinsquad website itself as it's own announcement? Not everyone will be seeing the long response on reddit.
  2. Hello everyone! Currently in V10.1, what is the priority right now for commander role? I know we don't expect a solid date of guarantee, but just wondering where Squad is currently at in terms of seeing the commander role come in the future? Like what first steps need to be complete before this new role comes?
  3. Title says. Some reflection questions: Are you more of a support player, such as mortor squad, medic, FOB builders, etc.? Are you a squad leader type? Are you a commander of the team type? Are you a vehicle gunner/ vehicle squad type? Are you infantry / air vehicle type of player? Are you a close-quarters / sniper type? With V10 and future content coming soon that will dynamically change this game a lot, where do you see yourself in Squad in the near or far future? You can be multiple types.
  4. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    I've pretty much exhausted most of my entertainment and surprises in V9 in general. So, I'm waiting for V10 to come.
  5. K club

    Wow congratulations!
  6. I couldn't be happier with the coming update

    Yay Can't wait for it!
  7. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    I think people will get over it and will eventually appreciate V10 for what it is. It's a gamechanger indeed.
  8. Thinking of buying, one question

    Communication on a day to day basis in squad is decent, i would say it happens 75% of the time. (communication at the bare minimum)
  9. The End of Humvees? :(

    Is this the final end for humvees? Or is this a temporary thing in regards to licensing? It's sad to see them leave Squad :(.
  10. Ammo Placement

    Nice find!
  11. If insurged had an average civilian car

    I think there were some assets already but you are not able to drive them yet :O.
  12. Squad vs. Project reality: discussion

    It would be cool if Squad could do both.