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  1. Another issue that came up is people setting up sandbags to do the same thing on the bridge.
  2. You'll be dealing with those people who aren't squad leader telling what your squad what to do lol.
  3. Hello Gatzby! Welcome to the community. I would love to play a round or two of Squad with you sometime and have you on the stream on twitch sometime!! Let me know when you're available!
  4. A dream come true
  5. I do know what squad coordination is lol. Just stick to the topic at hand instead of trying to attack the person. You know better than that.
  6. What are your thoughts on this? Especially in Al Basrah? What are the developers' opinion about this?
  7. Holy. I never knew such a high kill count was possible in one match.
  8. OH that European map?
  9. Neat :D. What makes a V10 a V10 and a mini patch a mini patch?
  10. Yep.
  11. Solution - don't use scout class. HAHAHA
  12. Super old tactic known as anti-physics.
  13. I prefer Al Basrah with less intense light that we have now.
  14. It does but you only occupy one corner of the entire perimeter. I personally think that's not a good idea in the long run. What if other squads need to push out to another flag? They're effectively "stuck" inside the building. Sure, there is that small hole from the sandbag on the stairs that you need to crawl under, but you're slowed down by a lot doing that. People may say, "Well, just spawn at main base or a rally point outside of the building." What if there aren't any rally points outside of the building zone? Then you're screwed. Spawn at main base? That's still a problem at this point because the enemies know exactly where your other alternative route of attack is from now. 2 attack options -> FOB building (as in the video), or main base. Rare case that there will be another FOB around the city to spawn on since we're assuming all the supplies are used to fully supply the building FOB.