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  1. I'm not sure if this was an intentional design of the stryker, but even though the slope isn't too steep, the stryker has an incredibly difficult time driving uphill, it slows down a lot and stops and I have to keep holding the gas to try to get it a few feet forward.
  2. I guess the main highlights of Version 9 would be the addition of tanks and more heavy vehicles. Maps got bigger. What are your expectations for Version 10? I would really like to see the expansion of max players in a server (80 at the moment). On the 4k maps, 80 players is still too small for a 4k sized map. (squads are operating in isolation on super far away capture points). I personally liked the top right display of the timer and the number of tickets left that we had before instead of pressing tab and losing control of turning your mouse around while the scoreboard is displayed to see the timer and the tickets left. If they were to bring this back, I think it might be a V. 9.# update instead of a V10 major update.
  3. My concern is the limit of green markers you can set, which is only one each. I think we should raise the limit. Also, I don't know why the rocket red symbol was removed from the markers. It would be really useful especially with every squad having an rocket class dealing with vehicles.
  4. Hmm it's not too bad, haha. I tried it myself and it's odd but hey, it works.
  5. This is a one click away, so it's super simple. I run on a 980 ti graphics and 4790k intel cpu and I get average 60 fps. It's still really nice gameplay though. I would say the real issue is the EAC problem.
  6. Hopefully the helicopters come sooner if they can perfect this.
  7. That's a great idea. People also tend to get confused about which vehicles they are grabbing too which wastes some time, like it's like "we must rush, grab any vehicle you can and just go" and everything turns into a mess.
  8. This really needs to happen now that we have more vehicles to plan with and with bigger maps.
  9. I personally think Insurgency is a great game mode, it could use some work but I think it's current state is still enjoyable.
  10. I look forward to this!
  11. I would like to know too.
  12. Technically it still works even with the new spawn point location opportunities at FOB's, you just need to do one extra step, but it doesn't change the fact that people can still pull off the reverse flag tactic.