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  1. When people ask "what's the plan Squad leader?" when the fresh map just loaded 10 seconds in. Like, are you serious? I just joined the game too. And even worse, I'm trying to plan with the other squad leaders and people are saying random stuff in the squad chat while the planning timer is running.
  2. I was considering on getting COD just for the sake of WW2 gameplay, but I'll wait for post scriptum instead.
  3. What are your thoughts/comments/expectations for this vehicle warfare map being tested this weekend? I think it's going to be really crazy (in a good way). But, according to some developers, the map is heavy on your PC. So, I don't want my PC to get destroyed so I might have to sit this one out.
  4. Yes. That is exactly what I meant, being able to easily snipe them or use our stryker/50 cal guns to take out the person by shooting from the ground level.
  5. I agree with this. Here's a very good example of what I've been doing that illustrates your idea (probably to the extreme level) at around 5 minutes into the video High visibility = easy to recover and secure the radio in case it gets overrun temporarily)
  6. I do that sometimes when I don't find vehicles to hit haha.
  7. The people that refuses to work with you even when they're a SL.
  8. You probably experienced the worst parts of the Squad community for your first few matches :(. It'll get better in the future. Slow progress, but it'll get better.
  9. I sure miss those times we played together Vaashark
  10. To be honest, if you're spending the time to look for reviews before buying the game, you know deep down inside you're going to buy the game LOL.
  11. How some people get impatient with newbies to the point where they don't bother to teach them.
  12. Lol the way you delivererd that was pretty lame. All you had to say was : " Those numbers actually don't stand for number of reserved slots anymore, but for number of people in queue at the time you refreshed the browser,"
  13. That sounds more of a real life issue than an issue with Squad .
  14. Oh yeah I've been around.