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  1. Instead of crying about rush tactics

    Some people may say rushing makes them think too hard (in other words, it's too hard to deal with for some people).
  2. Title ^ With locked squads in place, I have been seeing more convoy squads. Generally, it's a hit or miss for me in public matches. Sometimes, convoy squads would drive around but not really contribute to pushing enemies out of the point that we need to defend, etc. Other times, they pull the miracles.
  3. Let's celebrate!

  4. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    I personally think it is a waste of time trying to take down 1 ammo fob yourself (it takes time to take down for just 1). Also, it feels a bit unnatural too. Ammo fobs are basically saying squad leaders have unlimited supplies of ammo even though it takes a while to take up and take down. I do not use ammo fobs, i just set a FOB down and activate it.
  5. Supplemental Rules

    Limiting the amount of people who can fight on the center objective is pretty odd to me xD.
  6. Hello. I would like to start the discussion of new squad leader options of the future in terms of having more available options to place things on the map. Such as waypoints, curved pathways, etc. Vehicle pre-claim markers before the match starts. These will make gameplay flow much easier and facilitate communication between everyone. What are your suggestions and ideas for the future of squad leader options? If these are intended to be added, how long will it take?
  7. PC Specs That Work

    What are your specs?
  8. View on kids playing?

    Personally, I think that a lot of people in the community think the kids are "annoying", especially because of the high pitched voices. People will have this mindset in general. And some may even not take the kids seriously in game because of this. But, there are some people playing Squad who will take the kids seriously like any other person out there. I'm fine with having kids in my squad, so long as they, like everyone else, are being team players.
  9. PC Specs That Work

    Hi everyone. I wanted to ask everyone what PC Specs they use for Squad that "worked", which gave you decent, playable, FPS. (45-60 FPS) I use a Geforce 980 Ti and an Intel 4790k CPU and I get 45-60 FPS on average every map. Smooth gameplay overall. I wanted to ask if these settings can run the game smoothly: AMD a8-7600 radeon r7 3.10ghz 4 core 16gb ram R7 Graphics 1 TB hard drive
  10. NEW SERVER Looking for Server Co-owners

    Hello. I would be able to help with moderating your server.
  11. 1 Ticket Game

    Holy :O. That's a lot of kills :O.
  12. Dragging Friendly Units

    I'm sure they are if they did it for motion capture.
  13. FOB Mechanics Too Harsh

    Ever since this update, it seems that FOB tactics are very difficult ("too harsh") in terms of getting them to function effectively, especially with the problem of running out of ammo. Do you think this is a good direction for the functions of FOB tactics for the future? What are your thoughts about the new FOB mechanisms set in place?
  14. Squad: 9.6 Preview Trailer

    That is impressive.