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  1. Kicked for Refusing to Suicide

    Not trying to to slander i wasn't the SL in this situation, but i had a individual under the name croaker, who was trolling in our squad the other day could have been you or couldn't have. So when i see someone with the same name in the forums i would like to point out to the rest of the community for future reference.
  2. Kicked for Refusing to Suicide

    Croaker, I remember kicking you out of my squad for being counter productive towards game play seems like you deserve it. You are just trolling now on the forums. What a surprise...
  3. Kicked for Refusing to Suicide

    I love me a tactical suicide. Also i doubt this is the whole story.
  4. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    >alt + f4 >Pull out Rope & Chair > Commence Clorox
  5. Weapons Optics setup

    This has already been talked about.
  6. 64 vs 70 players on a server

    Please don't start with this nonsense.
  7. Project Reality in Squad Reality
  8. Why aren't you in a clan or community?

    They always want money. Certain members are treated unequally. Divides are frequent between players. They are pointless.
  9. The logic with this post gives me cancer the more i read it. If your computer cant handle 72 players, then don't fuck it for everyone else who want stable 100 person servers. Literally, it makes zero since why people would back this ridiculousness. Stop crying and move forward there are plenty of populated servers with 60 player caps go join and play there.
  10. BREAKING on #Turkey

    Ya i highly doubt NATO is at hand. But Russia has enough at stake to intervene. Other than that i would add the YPK or the PKK to this list of possible conspirators.
  11. Still no penalty for getting shot?

    I dont really agree with getting shot and having a reduced run. It should really be determined if you get a reduction based on where you are hit , say chest or balls. Though i have never been shot, i have heard quite a few stories of gentlemen getting shot and then 1 or 2 minutes later they start to feeling it. You know adrenaline and what not.
  12. Well as a side note it usually happens to me on all games during a loading screen to experience minimal system performance, when alt-tabbing/minimizing. Your computer has a lot of stress on it. Even with a 750 ti and a 4670 non over clocked, its probably running at 3.2 ghz which technically isn't that fast for a gaming computer. What settings are you running in game?
  13. whats your hardware and version of windows.
  14. Seems like your shit is broken, must be a problem with your computer, probably your graphics card.