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  1. Arcady Milsim? Suggestions.

    Can't wait for that. Javelins and tows yes please.
  2. Arcady Milsim? Suggestions.

    Good point! Agreed one that I guess
  3. Sitting, I'd like to see sitting. Like in ArmA, so you can sit down on a hill next to a rock or a tree or in a trench, without exposing yourself like when you prone out of a trench. My thoughts on WHY: Less recoil/more support for your weapon than just crouching, more restricted than crouching, so you're slower to get up, faster than proning. Often I notice that when you're prone on a hill or behind a tree you are limited by as an example, grass or little rocks in front of you, and if you're on a semi-steep hill, prone only makes you face down the hill.
  4. Arcady Milsim? Suggestions.

    True. I still do feel like there's too much accuracy with most weapons at ranges. Maybe it's less of a problem that the BTR's seem overpowered to me, but more as teams aren't focusing enough on it, not enough teamwork taking them out. Maybe..
  5. Arcady Milsim? Suggestions.

    Fair enough! I liked that about BF2 personally, but that's just a matter of taste I guess.
  6. Heya Squaddies. So I have been wondering lately, does anyone else feel like the game (despite v10 update changes) is still too arcady when it comes to movement and shooting? Despite this game being one of the leaders of the tactical realism military genre. You can get rather easily "sniped" by a BTR sitting 500 meters away, often leading to "BTR Squads" just going lone wolf to get easy kills. I feel as if accuracy is still too precise on longer ranges, the only ones being able to do some proper killing from these ranges should be skilled marksmen, not some armor squad sitting too far away for anyone to deal with them. I would imagine that matches would be way more immersive if you would barely be able to hit anything at that range, and basically just do suppression, forcing you to move with other infantry squads. Same with 50.cal bunkers, although they are rather easy to take care of, they can snipe you from across the map (kohat toi as an example) with good accuracy. Where's the immersion in that? If there was a greater "randomness" to aiming anywhere further than 250m I think teams would move better together, work better together, you wouldn't die easily and frustratingly (like when running somewhere with your squad, and a BTR sitting hundreds of meters away sprays half of you down), squads wouldn't go lone-wolf as a BTR for easy kills, etc. Let the snipers and mortars take care of long-range threats. Firefights would be longer and more immersive. Just some thoughts of mine, anyone agree/disagree? feel free to start the discussion.
  7. Getting disconnected randomly

    It's been more than a month for you, is it fixed? Just now I started experiencing this. It's really annoying, ruins great fun :mellow:
  8. Personal Art Thread (Post your artistic Skills)

    I used to paint landscapes and draw portraits, got good at it, then decided to pick up abstract/modern expressionism, and I love it, it's a lot of fun. A bit too lazy to post pictures right now but perhaps sometime I will ;) Great pics, I love recolored pictures, it brings more life to them.
  9. Bug? i dont know?

    Yeah I think the dev's need to fix that... A better screen for newer players, like a menu screen once you join a server would be great. But then again, it's just in Closed Alpha so it's probably one of the priorities for them before Beta :)
  10. A squad leaders perspective

    Good thread. I especially agree with point. 4. SUPER FOBS. I often see Squad Leaders setting up S-FOB's far off from the objective, perhaps far up on a mountain, and are just competing with an enemy squad, rendering around 18 players (both teams) useless, taking up slots on the server. I often tell people that are doing this, if they want to have a team deathmatch with their friends, then join an empty server. :)
  11. should i be getting beter FPS?

    Shadows are really intensive on the CPU, at least for me, so when I run the game on Very High, I tune down the shadows to High, usually just one setting back from the rest :) Should get you a few extra FPS's, enough to make the game properly!
  12. Squad Leader Recommendation Thread

    Player name: Rossy Raider Player nationality (optional): British Date & time of round: Played a couple of rounds with him Map and side: A couple of maps, both sides.. Act of heroism or good conduct: He's tactical, smart, funny and knows how to keep a squad together.
  13. Hydra Squad recruiting

    Just started playing Squad, looking for a group to play with until my friends start playing, maybe hit me up on skype or steam? http://steamcommunity.com/id/jonjonsson
  14. Closed Alpha Released

    I found a thread where I read about the process. No worries, I understand Now let's hope I won't die out of boredom and excitement waiting.
  15. Closed Alpha Released

    Hey everyone, I just bought Squad Leader Tier, about 20 minutes ago. Do they hand out these keys manually or is it automatic? Because I've only had paypal mail me the confirmation email, nothing from the Squad Devs? Over.