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  1. Post Scriptum Keys

    Hey Guys me and my best friend bough it on kick starter, unfortunately he is dead now and I can't access his e-mail
  2. Humm that zombie game workrd much better with only half of the cores. humm dying light, might worth a try.
  3. Gaijing Engine?
  4. Supposing they do fix it in DX12 engine (for better CPU and GPU balance), Squad will also have benefit from that right?
  5. You mean the Unreal Developers or the Squad developers? DX11 or DX12, there must be something really wrong with the engine, I don't know why, but GPU and CPU stays under load in full maps. I saw lots of videos of people with i7 processors in the same Divsul server and they all have the same 45-50FPS. My guess it's a server limit or something like that, but definately not a ping problem . Servers can''t handle the game at high FPS. P.S. Vsync off.
  6. My guess is that DX12 is not working with Relive. It worked yesterday with 16.11, I only changed the driver and the sound channel to 96. Or maybe it's just working in a few maps, but I've played 2 maps in DX12 yesterday.
  7. Yep, DX12 decided to work today, no major FPS improvement and GPU still undercharged. I've saw what vullkan is capable in terms of processing power in Doom, I was hoping for the same kind of improovement in unreal.
  8. I've made a lot of videos in 50 plus FPSi n full maps (65 players+) I will post them soon. Thats with a 4.5Ghz 8350 + 2000Mhz CL9 + RX 470
  9. I'm sorry but I'm just full of seeing everyone here putting the blame in AMD CPus when clearly it's not an AMD problem only. I've saw lot's of flagship i7 having the same problem in large maps with more than 60 players. After the middle of the round the performance starts to drop from 80-90 fps till 35-55FPS ans gpu usage becomes lower. Actually most of the new DX12 games are behaving better in AMD Fx setups than on i5s.
  10. Funny that's the only game that I had problem with AMD, anyway 45FPS is not that far from 55fps so you are in the same boat here, game here starts at 80 FPS also, it's not a CPU problem at all, gpu becomes unusable during the match. Actually I use my PC for much more than games and actually my setup crushes an i5 in every application I need from AutoCad and Solid works reendering to Vegas movie reendering, Winrar, cinebench, and heavy excel solver algorythms...So you are pretty wrong when you said it's only for web browsing, you shouldn't talk shit if you don't know what to say. Maybe you don't know, but AMD is the architecture used for reference in most of todays games, since is the architecture inside Xbox One and PS4 PRO
  11. Hi guys, I have Squad since the pre-alpha, bough with a friend the developer helper edition or something like that. I have just started to play it now, cause the performance was terrible before, specially in AMD machines. I see that now performance is much better in AMD, but CPU utilization is not working as it should. First the game starts at 70-90FPS, (that's with around 65 players), but in the middle to the end of the round, FPS drops to around 38-45, if you check your GPU usage you can see that it was working fine when FPS was around 70-90, but when it drops, GPU utilization stays very inconsistent, with lots of drops and pikes. CPU utilization is around 40-60% for all the cores, so something is very wrong, and I'm pretty sure that Vulkan could solve it. Same thing happens for intel i5/i7 CPUs so that's not a CPU problem at all.
  12. Where are the server???

    When are they going to be available in the weeks? Game should go DX12 as soon as possilble also, muiti-core efficiency is terrible.