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  1. Kalashnikovs are comin'

    It's called asymmetrical warfare, if you want scopes on insurgents i guess the game insurgency might interest you.
  2. "what can i expect from Squad?"

    Jeez rolling you've got some serious issues with pr. Apart from perhaps receiving a ban across multiple servers i can't really think of what it is. Everyone else can play with high ping just fine, unless you're a little unco (which is fine imo not everyone is good at fps) you shouldn't find it hard either. Also you've yet to explain how it was the pr devs fault for there being no popular server in australia. ^this has been laughed about a few times now maybe its time to explain? When you respond try not to be too rude, camo.
  3. SQUAD Videos Playlist

    Get killed by jackfrags a few times
  4. "what can i expect from Squad?"

    Just ignore rolling,he's just salty about something and refuses to listen to reason. Oh and I've been bribed so hard, that's why i stand up for pr
  5. camo's tales from the front

    Short video of a recent playtest, if you've watched jackfrags video you may recognise some parts. Enjoy.
  6. Gameplay Trailers: Squad/PR Moments

    -- triple post yeah something lagged out
  7. Gameplay Trailers: Squad/PR Moments

    The star citizen fps reveal is the most painful by a mile. Let the cringe consume you.
  8. Armata pride of russia

    http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/1167-armata-russias-new-heavy-armor-line/ Search function
  9. Backflips and wheelies with bikes?

    How do you do this kidding.
  10. Looking forward to playing on TG again with squad!
  11. Shameless self promotion. plus i've made a few other videos for 3dac and prta and they're somewhere on my channel.
  12. Maximum Playable Ping/Latency

    Rolling, honestly explain to me how they pander to usa/eu players. I'd like to know. Actually explain instead of ignoring what everyone says.
  13. Thinking Of Making A Suggestion? Read First!

    Thanks kidding. The "no special forces stuff" needs to be in bold though.
  14. Map Based off of the Korengal Valley

    Are you sure you're actually going to enjoy squad if you can't enjoy pr? Sprint strafing is a pretty minimal thing to get annoyed at. But i agree it is hard to keep situational awareness while sprinting in pr, so just run instead and look around.