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  1. Will Squad have a system where the clients will download the used mods on the server upon joining? Or will servers have to set aside different content packs such as ARMA? I know a developer said that the team was going to observe and learn from other games, but the answer was somewhat ambiguous and I was wondering if anyone, developer, player, moderator, whomever had anymore information on the topic.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Isn't squad supposed to have asymmetrical warfare? That's like saying "Give US Infantry a SCAR-H so they can have 7.62 too!" or saying "Give militia and insurgents a stolen humvee! They don't have bullet proof vehicles!" I'm not trying to sound narcissistic, but everything doesn't have to be symmetrical, it creates a certain dynamic in combat that forces you to act as that faction would to counter the other faction's strength. Such as when I'm leading as a squad leader in US versus insurgents, I never tell my LAT (Light Anti-Tank) guy "Keep that LAW out, we might encounter some tekkis." because I know technicals can't do shit against small arms. But if I'm insurgent facing Russia or US I'm always like, "Have that HEAT round ready, stay to the rear of the formation and keep your eyes and ears open for those loud ass engines." I think we should play the game in an asymmetrical setting because it boosts critical thinking and situational awareness.

  3. Despite all the people complaining about the update, to look at how far this game has come in little under a year since the beginning days of Pre-Alpha, and Alpha before even steam early access is something worth celebrating.

    No matter what people say, devs, this release was by far your greatest accomplishment, be very proud of it! It completely changed the entire spectrum of the game, and all your hard work is definitely paying off by all the laughs and rejoicing I hear on public servers, don't let those AMD debby downers get to you, great job devs!

  4. Yes, resort to immediately dismantling my intelligence, that's definitely going to gain you support.
    There's more than just top hatches that you're on about, there's also side hatches, I did read your post, so before you jump to nonsensical name calling I suggest you step back and read from my point of view, which your grammar, and sentence structure was very unclear.