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  1. Post Scriptum Keys

    Hi guys I do have an issue. I tried accessing my email which i purchased squad founder from but it needs my old computer which is at home. I'm on a 7-8 months trip. Any ideas who i can contact to see if i can get my key? I do have my transaction ID from paypal for identification purposes
  2. Nmmr , no more magical rallys

    LOL So the enemy has to get close to the magic teleporter -which gets created by a mouse click- and destroy it? Pretty balanced idea
  3. Hello. I'd like to retrieve the value of my player's bearing in real time so i could put it in another software for a project. Is this possible at the moment? Also other elements of the hud as well, But my focus is the compass at the moment. Any help from a developer would be much appreciated!
  4. Sounds/New Sound Reverb System

    Sound mods when
  5. Sound variety

    It's been a while since we had a sound update. Hope we get some soon.
  6. Rally Point Discussion

    +1 for above post. Some game mechanics of project reality are mulled over by the community for over 10 years, The results of that is summed by his post. Anyway locked squads is one of those mechanics. and Yes Squad is not PR but it seems to be the successor as far as i know and seems to be in the same genre.
  7. Alpha 9.12 Released

    You can disable vehicle claiming now on your own community server! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA. You guys rule
  8. Sounds/New Sound Reverb System

    Squad sound quality > Project Reality. Project reality sound balance >>>>>> Squad. Simple. p.s. We still can't hear shell casings, Dynamic reverb does not exist (e.g. A mountain actually does not impact any gunshot sounds), Vehicles still make no sounds when hitting stuff, and personally I hate the footstep sounds.
  9. Play Squad in Iran without proxy?

    Yes, You can play Squad without a proxy or vpn connection. You gotta watch out for good servers though. No iranian servers at the moment, and most of them will give you high ping. آره داداش میتونی بدونه فیلتر شکن بازی کنی
  10. I really hope that They change their stance on this. Project Reality had an amazing volume normalization and even though the sound quality was lower than squad, (?) It sounded much more better. But what do you know, there are military advisers on squad's team and maybe gunshots is all you hear on the battlefield and they want to keep it that way. @suds I think that is a pretty good idea. your data confused me a little though i think i should reread it again. but the idea behind it is brilliant.
  11. Also, surprisingly EQ can extremely help in this case. LIke mentioned, a little shaping of the frequencies and you can have footsteps levelized with gunshots even. Many, Many streamers have their soundcards automatically normalize frequencies, but they even are not aware of it, so I'm not surprised if they come here and claim that they can hear footsteps normally. And for the record, using EQ for games is lame. When I make music I apply EQ on my guitar tracks and drum sets, shaping it the way I like people to hear it. if someone else uses eq to destroy that when listening.....me dislike.
  12. Lol, back in old versions you had to concentrate sooo hard to hear your own footsteps, let alone others. It's been better, but not enough imo. I believe They still want gunshots to be as loud as possible, so footsteps, reloads, and other that sorta sounds have had their volume reduced for that effect. not fun.
  13. Hi from Iran I'm about to run a dedicated squad server for my Iranian friends and community. the great firewall that the government runs makes it much more harder for gamers to enjoy an interruption-free, low latency session. So I'd like to run the game on my server placed in one of the local datacenters. I've got some questions -Is it possible to send and receive game console commands/output outside the game? I've heard of a protocol called rcon, but i'm not sure if It can do what i'm asking. -I'd like to be able to have a realtime chatlog on my server (e. so that i could use grep to search through them). is this possible? -Is it possible to remove the vehicle claimbing system? so that squads could use them by coordinating with each other, like in project reality? -Can i adjust kit availabilities? e. limit the amount of grenadier kits, and increase the amount of marksman kits. -Are there any ways to turn off friendly nametags? I appreciate any help i can get so i could get this going as fast as possible Cheers Hadi
  14. Alpha 9.4 Released

    I think that Scott Tobin's new work really deserves to be mentioned in this announcement, or a new one, or anywhere in the forums. the second album is brilliant. I might create a topic for it if not. IF there's one and i'm missing then sorry bout it.