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  1. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    A different dev might have just shoved the vehicles out the door with the effed up netcode, with the promise of fixing it later. Cheers for taking the massive amounts of time to lay the groundwork for something awesome, I can only imagine the potential for the rest of the vehicles and what the modding community can do with the code you've written. Thankyou for the transparency as well, its a breath of fresh air in a market saturated with bullshit and excuses. If this was EA we would get the same old '2complicated5u' crap they've been peddling since bfbc2.
  2. January 2016

    Them muzzle dust effects are hella fancy, great work.
  3. Fixed Wing Aircraft Discussion

    I think it's far too early to make decisions about including or excluding jets at this point, UE4 is (from my somewhat laymans understanding) in it's infancy. By the time logistics, transport, fireteams etc etc is completed and ironed out no doubt there would have been huge developments in the engine (which will in itself create a whole new host of problems for the devs to have fun with). That being said I would love to have player controlled fixed wings as long as they were exceedingly difficult to fly. If however it's completely impractical to implement them then im not going to shit my pants and throw my desktop out of the window.
  4. Okaaay little bird, we need air support XD

    I think it's more likely we'll get the Kiowa, scout helicopters might be risky what with the view distances of UE4, can't hide in the murk like we did in PR.
  5. Planned weapons?

    I just hope we get a dirty old iron sights bolt action :D
  6. Alpha Launch Countdown :D

    As with all things since Diablo 3 launch, I am worried for the servers. Does anyone have any figures about how many SL packages were sold?
  7. Hello

  8. Realistic weapon realibility.

    What I want to suggest is more realistic. A better medical system; - Depending on the distance you run you increase the chances of nipple chaffing, resulting in poor accuracy, you can get plasters and antiseptic cream from the medic, application will be fully animated. A ration system; -Depending on the resources your team has the quality of rations will either increase or decrease, from a max of fresh bacon and eggs all the way down to rice and beans. - A fully modelled and working digestive system inside of each player model, quality of your ration affects likelyhood of losing bowel control during combat, rendering your both smelly and combat ineffective (also a smellometer shall be added, the enemy can smell you from under 200 meters) -The portable toilets will be fully implemented, it will be the job of SL's and the commander to ensure the toilet is fully stocked with toilet paper, a lack of toilet paper will have catastrophic consequences, rendering you smelly and combat ineffective A mental health system - You have to maintain your relationship to your loved ones back home. Before each match start you have to write a letter back home to your wife, the quality of the letter will be judged by admins, you are more likely to cry uncontrollably if your wife leaves you, rendering you useless on the battlefield (blurred vision, lots of loud sobbing heard by the enemy) - If you are not in combat you will become bored, this will have a timed scaling effect; 10 mins - complaining about the weather15 mins - uncontrollable fits of loud yawning (heard by the enemy)20 mins - blurred vision and slight napping25 mins - full sleep, rendering you vulnerable and combat ineffectiveThese affects can be held off by playing patticake with other soldiers (fully animated) and listening to Carly Rae Jepson's 'Call me maybe' on the SL's boombox and improvising a dance routine for Youtube. (The results will be uploaded to youtube in real time onto the joinsquad channel). it's not a huge amount to ask.
  9. Build 1866 Videos

    What are your specs ucecrushalot?
  10. Pretty damn expensive game !!

    I paid the big monies so the team can make game good. more monies for dev to spend on doughnuts for thinky power, help make game good, more well modelled portable toilets.
  11. Specs question.

    Im going to be getting rid my poor little Phenom 1055t soon and want to know what kind of frames i can expect with a newer build: i5-4690k MSI Z97 MSI R9 280 16 GB Kingston hyper Fury X If anyone in the pre alpha has a similar build, what kind of frames are you getting? Any other suggestions?
  12. shouldn't it click once after the last round?
  13. Best item in update ever

    Clearly they are putting work into the realism aspect of the game, hopefully by full release we'll have a fully modelled and working digestive system inside each player model for those special brown moments.
  14. Terrain deformation

    I would love to see the effects of arty and mortar fire in the dirt, it could also provide a little cover in an otherwise hard approach. Sure, it's not a gaping chasm, but if you lay your sweet little ass down in it you might just avoid collecting a bullet with your face. Is it easy to implement? is it taxing on our wee little cpu's? is it possible? was it planned anyway?
  15. Project Reality vets sign in here

    MrPuddingface here Played for a long time, used to frequent NWA servers mainly and was also in a wee little clan called [NO] I can't wait to start playing, hopefully with a few old faces. Obeerbongkenobi Pricelinenegotiator Zack112 Atlas and many others i'm sure I missed We need to get back together and make sweet sweet crotchtouch.