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  1. Hello everyone, The 5th Special Forces Group is a unique and elite organization built in order to maximize on the MILSIM experience. Through organization and planning we have developed a top of it's class tight knit unit. We do not offer a basic training course because we require our candidates to already have some knowledge in military tactics and battle drills. We are seeking out experienced arma, milsim, or military players who are looking for the next level of tactical gaming. We possess a high standard and will not accept everyone, except mature and tactically proficient players. We participate in both Tactical Coop and PvP gameplay. We strive to be laid back out of the field and in the game when in the field. If this sounds good so far then please continue reading below to see some of our minimum requirements in order to enlist. -Must be at least 18 years of age or older (We are not a babysitting service and our language is not for virgin ears) -Must be capable of participating in operations on the weekends (Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays) -Must be able to operate around the hours of 2000-2300 EST -Must have a working microphone that is setup for push to talk -Must have a minimum of 100 hours of Arma 3 gameplay -Must meet one of these 3 requirements (waived under special circumstances) 1) Minimum of 6 months of consecutive service in a MILSIM organization (Has to be verifiable) 2) Current/Prior military experience 3) Current/Prior law enforcement experience If this sounds too good to be true or if you simply have more questions then feel free and don't hesitate to contact me via steam or message me on these forums. My steam username is unitedstatesarmy1775. Also check out our website at http://5thsfgroup.enjin.com GOD BLESS AMERICA!
  2. Military Veteran/ Active Duty

    Check us out or message me. Small tight knit group of a mixture of military and other backgrounds. We enjoy our laid back MILSIM organization, but take our missions seriously. If you are interested then just let me know. Oh, and no basic training. We ain't got time for dat. See ya in the field hopefully. Website: http://5thsfgroup.enjin.com Steam Username: unitedstatesarmy1775