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  1. I was thinking about this the other day myself and i recently saw that PS has added weapon resting, maybe there is something that could be done when resting your weapon on a wall while aiming that gives you the same amount of height when moving crouched? Once you get your head round any sandbags being taller than you while crouched could that could be peeked over while crouched just by aiming wound be a nice addition i think. I'm not so keen about a multiple level crouching or standing system like in ARMA3 as i think this could be clunky or cumbersome as compared to the ADS method as mentioned. As long as the ADS peek is just a resting type motion and does not tie you to the object while aiming i think this would be a good compromise.
  2. Voice Lines?

    Anyone who doesn't have a mic in my squad gets the boot...im sure there will be plenty of people who will accept this as an alternative to VOIP when squad leading but that's their choice. does it give your position away when using the voice lines?
  3. Its funny you should mention DCS as i came to this idea through using the "hear like pilot headphone" slider. LIke you i think that muting the rest of the sounds would be to drastic, but i do believe that a slider as you mentioned in DCS would be a nice compromise as it would allow you to configure the amount of outside volume the earphone would receive when hitting the PTT for the commanders channel. This would be really handy like you mentioned when in a vehicle and trying to coordinate with other SLs. I'd love to see a feature like this!
  4. I was thinking after squad leading the other day that a nice optional function would be when keying the mic to talk to other squad leaders would be to have the volume drop for the environment and the other radio channels while cross talking to other squad leaders. I often have this battle of having to try and shut out all other sounds that sometime completely trample over the coms of the other SLs. I've messed with sound level options for each of the channels but i never really get a great balance when it comes to using the command channel. I often have this battle in my head trying to figure out what should be more important, local voice loudest, squad set loudest, or have the command channel up the highest. I was thinking you could have a fourth slider under sound to adjust a percentage in volume reduction for voice communication rather than the whole environment to further the idea. A reduction in volume would really help boost communication with a bonus to gameplay especially when having to jump language barriers. As a bonus I think this idea would fit really nice with the new animations when talking with other SLs and the hand raising to the ear while using the command channel. I don't think this would detract to much from realism but would instead boost game play by allowing a clear communication across squads. What do you think?
  5. Squad founders- where are they now?

    Alpha backer here and i only have the skins for the RPG and the LAW, used to have the M4 and others probably but i can no longer see any of this in the game menu... I must be missing something because i cant get it to work in game.
  6. Hi All, Noticed that there might be some weird behavior with the FPS limit setting in the general tab. When i use this feature and lock into 60-70 fps using the text field and hitting enter i get it to stick at the FPS i want, if i however then hit apply it will revert back to not being locked. There is some sort of mechanic that is preventing this from being set properly, its not a big issues as all i have to do is go into squads setting and hit enter on the text field and it locks the frames perfectly, if i don't use the text field i cant hit enter to activate and the slider simply doesn't work when dragging. As a side note im using a freesync monitor on an Nvidia 1080Ti setting this through the nvidia control panel which allows me to use my monitor at 75hz. I also don't have the vsync active in squad. (im not sure you can have this active with FPS limit anyway) I have to set this everytime i start squad.
  7. I've noticed when setting up a local game just to test my graphics options that weapons can clip through a walls, I unloaded a mag and i can spray a room without ever having to enter it. l have not been online with the new build yet so i can't comment on whether it's present in multiplayer. certainly needs looking at as this could potentially impact game play.
  8. we need goats

    problem with AI is it has to be broadcast to everyone of the 50 or so players from all over the world. what I might end up seeing is not what someone from the USA is going to be seeing in that instance in time. this could unnecessarily tie up network resources and cause lag that might end up being more of a frustration and an immersion killer rather than actually being a worthy addition to the game. of course I could be wrong as I'm not an expert in the slightest, rather just my opinion.
  9. Graphics Questions

    I just use DSR at x1.20 in the Nvidia control panel once this is enabled i set the resolution to 2103x1183 looks mint! follow this tip to use resolutions that go above whats normally in the menu. C:\Users\(your name)\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor Select - GameUserSettings Adjust resolution to whatever level you want under ResolutionSizeX=2103ResolutionSizeY=1183 Forgot too add that im using 33% smoothing under the DSR settings in the control panel.
  10. Hello all

    Welcome mate, hope to see you in the action soon
  11. Night Ops Equipment!

    Now that's an angle i didn't think of, this would actually be rather awesome!
  12. Textbook Ambush

    That hill seems quite popular for that kind of shenanigans..lol
  13. Flashbangs

    Well if only enemies occupy a building that you're throwing a frag into then why throw something that's not going kill them, a flash bang is just going to get them all pissed off..
  14. Night Ops Equipment!

    This is just my personal opinion but i think that the night ops at the moment is a bit of a joke (i know its work in progress) but as it stands right now all you need to do is turn the gamma right up and you can see clear as day. Because of this im not sure that night ops is really a thing that should be enabled until there is a way to stop the gamma adjustment having such an impact at night. If we were to stay on the realism path then i wouldn't have thought that the insurgent side would even have the same night vision abilities as coalition forces in respect to their kit so it would give one side a huge advantage at night. I know this is how it is in real life as most ops are carried out at night but from a gameplay point of view then i think both or neither should have night vision. something im more of a fan of is too actually not having night ops at all as there might not be a way to even fix the gamma get around to stop people using it anyway. But i do like your idea of glow sticks and maybe the addition flares used in some tactical way to illuminate enemies.
  15. Grenadier "Weapon Change"

    What would be nice would be to have the ability to adjust the sights.