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  1. Squad kickstart rewards?

    Apparently not. According to the people who run kickstarter. I know I backed the dang thing
  2. Squad kickstart rewards?

    Thats the issue I don't think you're understanding. NONE of my emails that I have are registered to an account on KS. I sent them a support ticket and I know I used an account to do it. I don't think I'd have emails that old and paypal wont let me go back far enough to see if I did use paypal. It will only go back to 2016. Idk what to do I obviously have been here long enough to be a backer but I don't have any other emails from squad devs. I have the one email about signing up for squad forums but its just kind of weird that none of the emails I have seem to be linked to a kickstarter account. Kind of pisses me off. I just want the shit that I paid for.
  3. Squad kickstart rewards?

    May I ask where the backed project list is? May I ask where the backed project list is? If you mean on kickstarter I don't know if I can do that because none of the emails I gave them were apparently linked to any accounts on kickstarter. I only have three to my knowledge unless I pledged with some email account I made on the spot for that. They already said the email that they have registered for me doesn't have any backed projects but I wouldn't have made a post about backing the game on here if I hadn't actually done it.
  4. Squad kickstart rewards?

    I know its been a good while since this game was a kickstart but I completely forgot I kickstarted it even though I remember being in the pre alpha. But I got curious and went to redeem my rewards and I don't have any old emails from the squad dev team or kickstarter and I went to them to ask about the rewards or the account tied to it and they said they have no records of me ever pledging with any of the emails I provided to them, but I do know for a fact I paid for the 76 dollar package the squad leader one or whatever. How do I go about getting those rewards since its been such a long time.
  5. Kickstarter rewards

    Does dis work
  6. An idiot that need help

    Ok I am an idiot I'm tired and i figured that's what it meant.
  7. An idiot that need help

    I got my key for squad and registered and everything and got to the actual part where I got to the portal and had to download the game. And I'm extremely confused on how to download it. If I download the DirectX End User runtimes it downloads around 157 rar files and I can't download the Visual C++ files for some reason it wont let me. And none of the rars for the direct x end user run times contain a setup .exe for squad nor does there seem to be a download link for the game itself on the portal...or does the big red letters of ALPHA DOWNLOAD COMING SOON mean that there wont be a download link until later....? I've never done a closed alpha or a prealpha or anything I've always been in betas and I'm not very good with computers so I'm kind of at a loss on what to do here...
  8. New here

    Oh okay!
  9. New here

    Just bought the Squad Leader Package and can't wait to get to playing it in the closed alpha! Although I'm not real clear on when that is!