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  1. Steam controller support?

    I have a steam controller and configured it long ago for Squad. I never use my steam controller for PC gaming anymore, I am far better with a mouse and key. My steam controller is used for controlling my media PC connected to my TV. Regardless, the steam controller has a significant advantage over other controllers in the PC arena. With the vast customization associated with the Steam Controller, Squad is particularly fun to program. If you are serious about being the best you can be in Squad, stick to a mouse and key.
  2. 10.1 out

    When vehicles were added and infantry game play was slowed down, I started to manage my stamina more. I find that I survive longer when I sprint less anyway. This update is a beautiful addition. I think it would be neat if we had incremental speed and stance controls like EFT (Escape From Tarkov). I understand that an EFT style of movement would interfere with current control schemes, but it would make for an interesting environment. Perhaps a mod would take advantage of such a system.
  3. Cutting trees ?

    I don't see it happening. It is an optimization nightmare and will have a rather minute impact on the big picture. I think the more important feature be penetrable trees from certain calibers.
  4. The future of the LAT kit.

    When I was in the service, we used the term 'mobility kill' when we disable armor without destroying it. In real world, a disable is essentially a kill and the infantry in the area will take what they can get. In WWII, where the first true LATs was used, it was most successful in creating mobility kills. I think LAT will remain somewhat similar to its current build, maybe US forces will carry an AT4 along with their LAW's (LAWs are cheap and we used them all the time, mostly static positions; they punch through thick walls well). The real armor killers will be the HAT. There will also be more adequate static AT for FOBs in the future. Personally, I am most interested in the Carl Gustav. That will be hands down the most versatile launcher in the game.
  5. when the crewman roles will be added?

    If you are able to swap into a crewman kit at the vehicle, much like an ammo crate, I see this having a positive affect overall. You wouldn't be restricting anyone from accessing a vehicle, but they would need to sacrifice their current kit. While I think that is the best way to manage crew kits, I also think it should only apply to heavier assets like tracked vehicles. Anything up to a wheeled APC should be accessible to all infantry players.
  6. I have the same issue, except I am disconnected within seconds. I've had this game since EA release. Rather pissed off that there hasn't been much explanation and this is happening to a decent amount of people.... This game is completely unplayable at the moment. Every update since v7 has been a complete failure in terms of bugs.... I haven't been able to play with ANY of the new content in matches. I bought this game to play it. Not watch other people play it...
  7. ... Server Closed Connection ...

    Im having the same issue. Ive had the game since the day it hit early access..... took a break and came back a few days ago but cannot keep connected for more than 5 seconds. Server closed connection is the only message when im back in the lobby. Every game on my PC plays fine, internet is good. This is a pretty big issue that needs a solution.
  8. big update = retarded players

    I'm opting to wait until Wednesday to queu. I could feel the storm coming in my bones.
  9. Teabagging bodies? Disruptive behavior?

    No, I never attempted to answer your question. I've got a decent excuse not to. I don't tea bag. It's not my style. I don't understand how I can answer your question. Don't confuse my questions as personal ones, these are asked in a general sense. When I say you, I pose it to the forum an no one in particular. From my perspective, it is not disruptive. Do you have the right to be? of course, that's your opinion. do what you want with it. Do you have the right to disturb everyone who doesn't care about tea bagging or your opinion? No. When I am in game and I see the side chat blow up with someone disapproving of an action that is petty like this: majority of the server and myself are looking down at the player who can get over themselves long enough to play a video game. Admins shouldn't be called to deal with a non-verbal gesture, leave the ban hammer for the cheaters and trolls.
  10. Teabagging bodies? Disruptive behavior?

    Why does this action bother you so much? Why does someone feel the need to complain about it? The only thing disruptive about it is folks making a deal out of it. If people stopped caring so much about what other people do, this wouldn't be a topic of discussion. It does not impede gameplay, it only sets off your intolerance. I'm at a restaurant and I put ketchup in my cottage cheese. This does not please the man sitting at the table next to me. Does he have the right to make a complaint about how I have done something to disgust them, and that management should expel me and ban the mixture of ketchup and cottage cheese? That's just about how illogical it is to complain about this, from a tea baggers perspective.
  11. Teabagging bodies? Disruptive behavior?

    This is interesting. Tea bagging. ... If you think about it, the enemy doesn't know when you're tea bagging them. It is a personal and team celebrated expression. This would mean that the only people who have issues with this behavior are fellow teammates. Why would this be considered disruptive? Who is being disrupted? If witnessing another player tea bag a dead foe is screwing with your immersion so much that you need to ban it, do everyone a favor... look away. You don't need to make a non verbal gesture taboo. As someone said above, we are blowing each others brains out; get over foul language and tea bagging. You want immersion? I vote that characters curse and scream the foulest shit you ever heard when under fire suppression and taking hits. Fake death would be real, and you will be checking and clearing bodies in ways that make tea bagging the most humane thing you did in game. Its war, treat it as such.
  12. How will you be using vehicles?

    I will admit that I am not thrilled at the prospect of every incompetent kid on Squad is going to possibly ruin every game when vehicles hit. Once that back-blast has passed, beware. LAT will finally have a legitimate role in the field, and we've gotten pretty efficient with the accuracy by now. Don't get cocky though, not every vehicle will be crewed by novice players. Squad has invited many veteran tank crews from the battles of PR and Arma, where the AT threat is high. You've been waiting for this update, and we've been practicing for it on other platforms. Good luck in the field, I look forward to seeing you under my tracks
  13. Steam controller support?

  14. Your Favorite Maps (Alpha 6)

    Personally, I do well in all Skirmish maps. I really wish they would play Logar Skirmish more. The issue is running 72 players on skirmish matches. 64 feels about the highest comfortable population. Lower pop runs smoother too. I feel that until vehicles arrive, skirmish's make for better infantry gameplay. Aside from skirmish's, my list from top to bottom is: Fools Road Sumari Gordock OP 1st Light Chora Logar Kohat With the addition of vehicles, this list would surely change!
  15. FOB's

    I've found a lot of success in building FOB's, setting up structures, and then tearing down the radio. This is especially helpful in maps like OP First Light. When playing as Militia, set up a FOB north of Ammo Depot, and build bunkers and lay down ammo caches in the hills to the NE and NW, even on the edge of the road going northbound. As mentioned, after a few structures are up, tear down the radio. This makes it much harder for the US to push out of Ammo Depot, as they are met with a well supplied opposition with fortifications.