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  1. Founder Weapon Skins

    now fixed, But they work in some servers only thats normal?
  2. Founder Weapon Skins

    I Pledged for the commander pack But i dont have the skins. There is other way to get it? i linked my steam key, but i dont have founder patch or anything.
  3. FPS: 45-120CPU: i5 2500k @ 4,5 GPU: ati 290xRAM: 8 gb 1866Res: 1920x1080Settings: All low - draw distance Max.This game really needs better fps to keep the population.
  4. crackling sound MIC

    not the bip. its a crackling sound in full lenght of the com This is a vid i found in youtube. This is really exagerated but its something like this.
  5. crackling sound MIC

    Hello guys. First of all sorry my english My problem is this. Everytime someone is using the MIC i have a awfull crackling sound in the comunicacion. The sound destroy my brain. The game sounds great but everytime i hear a mic coms its awful , at the point to quit the game. I dont have a cheap rig. I have a soundblaster Z and my headphone is a Audiotechnica Ath-adg1. Using Windows 7 64 . Ati 290 8 gb ram intel 2500k @ 4,5 this only happen in this game. i use alot Skype / teamspeak / ventrillo and no problem other games like rocket league , smite , gta , CS GO , BF4 Without problem.
  6. Playing from Argentina... HITREG is better now. but at close range i can hit all my bullets... but allways the same... get killed :/