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  1. Squad League Round 1

    We should even get nights where we all just play together as well. Build up the community in more than one way.
  2. Your Squad War Stories Thread

    We held a hill that was strategically in between two flags, other squads were handling that.
  3. Rainbow 6 Siege Keys

    Sorry everybody I was in the field for awhile, didn't realise the keys went away. My bad :[
  4. Rainbow 6 Siege Keys

    Isn't a release code, just beta codes. Want Planetary Annihilation?
  5. I have 4 keys I will gladly give away to anybody who would like them. Maybe we can trade something too, doesn't matter to me. Make me laugh, and its yours!
  6. Your Squad War Stories Thread

    Was trying to relive the 4chan days guys lmao
  7. Your Squad War Stories Thread

    Was reliving the 4chan days
  8. First and foremost, I wanted to create this thread so players can tell their experiences, stories, and thrilling moments while playing Squad. I feel that this can help bring the community together, give the devs an idea of what the players are experiencing on their games, and let us relate to each other with these events. Please, when posting a story, don't be so bland. Spice it up, gain the attention of the reader! So, here we go. I'll start with mine. Pre-Alpha Release. >Literally the first match ever on the pre release 20150925. >Servers are flooding with players trying to join. >Finally get on a server. >Join a squad, called "Catnip Herding" or something like that. >Start kicking down doors, and taking names. >Other squads are full of idiots. >We decide to take initiative and build a super fob ontop of this hill. >Stack sandbags on sandbags, add bunkers, you name it. >Enemy squads take a notice to our super fob. >They launch an assault. >We quickly demolish them. >Fortify it more, thinking we are doing pretty good for the first game. >Other squads are getting rekt. Like, they are full of idiots. >They are spread out more than a drunk white girl wanting pumpkin spice at 3am. >We notice a enemy squad on the adjacent hill, about 150-200 yards away. >We are about to unleash hot lead onto them, when we are attacked from the rear. >2 squads. 2 fucking squads I shit you not come down on us. >We start freaking the fuck out. Defending our fob with like 13 people. (9 in the squad, 4 that realized everybody else is retarded) >We make the squad that was on the adjacent hill retreat, they were in the open in a valley coming to us, so they had it coming. >Two squads that flanked us are spread out pretty good, so we are getting pop shots from 180 degrees. >We can't really see them, so we just are chucking smokes, nades, and shooting into the brush. >All of a sudden, it gets real quiet. >Like, too quiet. >We honestly thought we either killed them all or they ran away. >We decided to rearm and get ready to cap the next flag since the other squads are still huffing paint and eating glue. >Then, bam, they start attacking us again. I kneel behind some sandbags, and start firing my automatic rifle into the brush. >I notice impacts on the ground around me, and some into the sandbags. >I go into prone, but its too late. I am unconscious. >I am screaming for a medic, as the glorious blaze of gunfire erupts throughout our mini valley. >I wake back up, seeing my fellow men get holes like swiss motherfucking cheese. >Medic is telling me not to move. >I hear a distinct "pink" noise. It had a lot of bass to it. >I see a motherfucking M67 fragmentation grenade. >I notify everybody of a grenade. I knew it was to late. So I crawled ontop of it. >Boom. >I am at the glorious DEAD screen for the first time. And that, was my first life ever on Squad. Sorry for the long post, felt like sharing it. If you thought it was retarded, thats fine. If you enjoyed it, post one of your stories. I just formatted it like that just because I felt it easier to be short and quick rather than paragraphs. You can post yours however you want. Even though mine was bland.
  9. I will kill in honor of your loss.
  10. Can't download the Pre alpha.

    I'm not a fan of them either. Never torrented in my life.
  11. Says website is offline for the direct dl.
  12. Fuck my plans. Squad>drinking with buddies.
  13. Just wanted to say hi, and I can't wait for the release tonight. I have no plans this weekend. PM me so we can play together, looking to get a "Squad" (see what I did thar?) going so we can play. Don't give a shit who you are, but if you suck, then you will suck but I'll still play with you. K? K.
  14. Alpha Launch Countdown :D

    7 more hours.