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  1. Vas'Avi Gaming Vas'Avi Gaming has been around since 2003 since then we have been very active in Dota 2, Insurgency and Halo. We have won official tournaments like iron gaming and wish to expand to our community side ,where we like to give individuals the chance to shine. we are also a youtube partnership network, winch means you can make money of us! What you get if accepted to our community Basic TS3 Channel on our 100 slot server (We also have a EU branch ) Website access Advance Gaming Servers (when and IF Supported by our sponsors) Your own TS3 Depending on how well you grow as a community with us Voips we use: Teamspeak 3 100 Slot GameVox 200 Slot Teamspeak EU 100 Slot Questions Do you have to pay a fee? no How does management work/ Do we have to change our name and or ownership? No, at Vas'Avi we believe in individuality which makes each clan/ community special, therefore being part of Vas'Avi means that you keep the community with their original ownership (Owner,Officers) and deal stuff withing the clan/community to internal matters, unless the leader of the organization needs us in more direct manner.We offer complete freedom. - What is the catch? No catch, ofcourse nothing is free so we do require the participating organization that is officially accepted into Vas,Avi to represent our sponsors because they maintain and keep our servers for free. WE DO NOT CONSENT ADVERTISING IN OFFICIAL FORUMS for obvious reasons. The way we advertise is by linking our official page through social media such as twitter, youtube and facebook. We will give you the special tools you need, so when you make youtube videos you have our sponsors somewhere in that video. Partnering network? Yes Vas'Avi is a partnering network so you can make money of youtube with us! E-sports? E-sports is a different ball game and there are certain criteria needed to be part of our sports teams Why would the benefit of being with Vas'Avi? Being with Vas'Avi has its perks. The longer you grow with us we can be there for you and your organization, y offering servers and or your own Voip (all depends on how long you stay us) What do i need to join? A large group of constantly active members dedicated to hang out and play on regular basis and accept our terms of membership (which would be given after a small interview)