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  1. Trueskyplugin problem

    So, i have this problem (PIC) **VERIFY THE CACHE WITH STEAM- done **REINSTALL YOUR GAME- done **DELETE THE SQUAD FOLDER AT : %localappdata% - yep still with the same problem i have no ''TrueSkyPlungin'' folder at my : common/steamapp/squad/squad. Someone can help me ? EDIT : i tried to fix my problem looking at others posts but didn't work, so a created this one
  2. Truesky Plugin not found

    still not working for me
  3. TrueSky Plugin not Found

    lol, u only did that ?
  4. Water Vehicles?

    so you can start now with your mad things hehehe
  5. 6. No more instant getting up from prone to crouch-standing position, we need new animations so that changing of these stances do not become abusable when you fire at an enemy and he suddenly springs back up and kills you as it so often happens in Squad. This one is the only part who (for me) really matters, that gave me a COD plays feeling
  6. "I'm Sorry" button on radio menu

    In my opinion write on the chat is enough, think about how many "I'm sorry" you will be forced to hear in a game
  7. Questions about requirements before buying

    Welcome to our family sir, sya in battlefield Enviado do meu iPhone usando Tapatalk
  8. Mouse steering

    A gamepad controller maybe... anyway, will probably be a "A" "D"
  9. Well , you can play a non "official" server, a lot of them have 45/60 +/- players online
  10. Questions about requirements before buying

    You will be fine, i have the same rig, and i can play with this settings: Resolution: 140% View Distance: EPIC Shadows: MEDIUM (AO): ON (AO) Levels: AUTO Bloom: OFF Eye Adaptation (idk what is this): ON Motion Blur: OFF Lens Flare: MEDIUM Textures Vram: HIGH(3GB) <-- can be used on EPIC(4GB+) Effects: HIGH I got +/- : 40/45 FPS (40 rare situations/ 45 most of the time) (Sorry for bad english)
  11. Bro, idk if will work but try this: right click on the Squad > "Property" > "Set Startup Options..." > and write "-autoconfig" apply and try again EDIT: You also can try to connect the CPU on your TV with HDMI, and try to change your resolution (when i got a problem like this one in another game, i use my seccond screen to fix it)
  12. RADAR - Remove player blips

    This is a good point, but the idea of the game isnt to be a MilSim. I guess that will cause a lot of problem inside the team and that could prejudice the community
  13. Added steam server browser support

    Good to know about that, thx
  14. US soldiers - First look at player models

    For me , i prefer the second one and the last one