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  1. Penetrating lung injuries are fairly easy to stabilise.
  2. Gun Thrusting

    Probably the most fragile part of a lot of modern weapons.
  3. Gun Thrusting

    We're talking about combatants with their own guns. The idea is to kill or incapacitate, not to take prisoners. Using a rifle barrel in such capacity in place of a blade won't be as effective. If you whack a guy out of combat effectiveness you'll have likely hit hard enough to have knocked something out of alignment on your rifle.
  4. Gun Thrusting

    But if they're going to trust the proper functioning of their rifles with their lives they'd do well in giving them the proper care and respect.
  5. Please no shovel melee

    Most modern weapons today are lighter as well as more fragile than they used to be and using them as melee weapons is discouraged. They might be okay for a couple of strokes, but I certainly doubt they'd survive enough strokes before you managed to club someone to death/incapacitation with them. Also you don't see Valve disabling the crouch key and/or the spy class and/or the disguise kit in TF2 when the conservation status of the spycrab was considered "least concern."
  6. +1 Rainbow six 3 ravenshield had a similar system where the control key + mouse would control how much you exposed yourself in the y axis as well as the x axis.
  7. Iron Sights too far from in game player eye

    Geometry is a little off but yes that's sensation you get in general when peep holes are used properly Because it isn't intuitive and not accurate. Aiming through sights in real life is an intuitive process. You bring your sights up to whatever target you're looking at. You don't shift your point of focus to where ever your rifle's pointing and then bring the sights over to your target. With your suggestion you would be doing the latter.
  8. Iron Sights too far from in game player eye

    Yeah and why not add a second image of the rifle on screen to account for what your other eye sees? Jokes aside no having the sights in the center of the screen is a satisfactory compromise in a monoscopic world. Play with a stereoscopic setup like VR if you want that experience.
  9. Magazine check

    You can't just push down on the rounds and see how far they plunge down to get a general idea with a fully opaque magazine? Am I the only one who's figured out this trick?
  10. Iron Sights too far from in game player eye

    Yeah, the "gyroscope" in your inner ear senses what orientation your head is in relation to gravity. The brain takes this information and control the involuntary muscles around your eyeballs and roll them to compensate for the tilt. I've seen multiple times on these forums where someone will suggest tilting the FOV for ADS to add realism. That's an erroneous assumption.
  11. Iron Sights too far from in game player eye

    Your brain works with your vestibular system in your inner ear to compensate for any tilt in your vision, which it doesn't do when you view the world through a monitor. If you absolutely need the tilt to achieve realism, tilt your own head whenever you ADS in game.
  12. New M4 Sound is Atrocious

    Well the typical FPS hollywood sounds would either be anemic pops or overdone bassy booms. In person the M4/M16 is more of a bang, has more of a crack to it.
  13. New M4 Sound is Atrocious

    The M4 should sound more like a bang rather than a boom. America's Army 2 had it right.
  14. Aiming Downs Sights correct view

    One thing I'd like to note: the mockup you drew up had the image of the optic too sharp. Should be blurred.