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  1. What can I say, I am impressed, very impressed by the lot of you..... The amount of Times I've been imprisoned at my FOB or random buildings by the Enemy Team and sometimes my own Team! The Prison constructed within seconds or channels for flow of Infantry is like a deathtrap or maze in the Towns ..... Ladders popping out of thin air, spammed into oblivion, the wooden prison bars caging us in, trapping us. For something so simple to be used as the next WMD caught me by surprise. I can't wait for the Breacher Role to be the only ones able to place them anywhere. I would like to see the option to pick up and move them to another location, but that's not the issue. Another note, the ability to place a ladder in a tree and then climb to the top and go prone is in other words, purely comical and astounding. Being attacked by a Tree-borne Squad of Insurgents is oddly terrifying to say the least, leaving you 'Gob-smacked' waiting at the Respawn Screen. Ladders are a nice addition to the WIP builds, but come on....... You can't go one Game without someone at least mentioning "F*cking Ladder spamming Tw*ts" once or Twice. I love the Game so far, and it wouldn't really annoy me that much if the ladders weren't changed, but still, the Devs aren't stupid, They know what's Up. Thanks for the Read, .
  2. Modular FOB Building

    A nice addition/change to the FOB building would be the option to press a button when holding an object to be placed (as well as the ability to rotate the object with Q and E), resulting in it snapping into position/lined up against another previously placed object (incomplete or fully built). This would make FOBs a bit more structured rather than a load of sandbags and concrete walls dumped on top of each other (often leaving little gaps where friendlies or enemies can shoot through, often unwanted). If this were to be added I would like to see the snapping effect change the shape of the objects placed, such as if two identical sandbag walls were placed and snapped to each other 'they' wouldn't dip down in the middle like in the current build, 'they' would join onto each other to create an extended sandbag wall, such as if it were to be built in real life (if someone didn't want this effect, then they could just disable the snapping for the objects). I think Base/FOB building is a key part to SQUAD and a simple addition such as snapping would greatly benefit SQUAD's gameplay, as personally I spend alot of time in game 'Raiding' heavily fortified Enemy FOBs or defending my own as the FOBs act as a Dynamic Objective. Anyway, Thanks for the Read.
  3. Passive Ambient Life

    I would love to see ambient life on the battlefield, such as a goat, snake or even flies swarming a trash pile. This would be a nice addition and add to the imersion as well as a small comical aspect in the right situation. I wouldn't expect the Animal AI to be "smart", just to a degree where it's noticeable that 'they' are conscious of people and battle. This would also be a fun place to hide eastereggs as it's an interactive theme but plays no crucial part to a battle's outcome, (personally I would add a 'Men who stare at Goats' easteregg where if a US soldier looked at a goat for too long it would fall over and Die) Just my opinion.