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  1. So.... about those Founder Tags

    about the donor tag iirc there was a deadline to get it or redeem it ?? i donated back on Nov 8 2015.
  2. FPS: 50 to 100 (kinda map/sv/situation depending or 50-75 or 65-85 or 80-100)CPU: i7-5930k (4.3, wcd)GPU: 2x GTX 980 Ti (clocked to 1500, both wc'd)RAM: 16GB 2666MHzRes: 1080pSettings: Epic (setting, scrns from firing range: http://i.imgur.com/47tcThT.jpg http://i.imgur.com/GbhXABc.jpg)happend to play a 80-90 match on +60 ppl server and have 50ish on next map..
  3. still need to check, gonna checkin bout as i update and fix my profile, just discovered goin alt+enter was breaking the profile?? :huh: (maybe just until a reboot or something..) Edit: profile still works as a charm here, did a quick check on firing range (ofc on a online server i'll get bit less fps) graphic settings included http://imgur.com/a/hIzZa
  4. Alpha 4 Released

    awww yeah! keep up the great job :)
  5. No title or donor tags

    sorry for bumpity bump.. don't wanna open another thread. donated 20 american tallars back on october 8th... will i get donor tag any soon ?
  6. just a small reminder for those who used SLI with inspector profile before steam: remember to change the application path!
  7. did you updated video drivers ? i have a problem, every time i install new drivers or revert to older ones, my squad sli profile doesn't work.
  8. Noise on loading/keyboard screen since 3.1

    same here, got annoying COIL WHINE for few moments on the quick start guide screen. it happens for about 5/6 seconds when my fps goes +2000. happens since steam 3.1 didn't tried it yet, but probably enabling vsync should fix this.... EDIT: tried with vsync turned on, no more coil whine.
  9. I'm in!

    benvenuto zio, dove ti ho gia visto ?? starcitizenitalia per caso ?
  10. Star citizen.. I am enjoying it.

    golden ticket backer here o/ cya in the verse citizens :)
  11. 11520x6480 screenshots

    :D it was a forum game few years ago on a site i used to check often, you had to guess the movie, then was your turn to post. screenshots taken by highresshot are saved: C:\Users\XX\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Screenshots\WindowsNoEditor (you need to turn on hidden folders to see app data) i use to have HighResShot 3 typed in console, open console, prepare cmd, close console, you can use also up arrow to bring last cmd, but i suicided too many times by doing so, so when open it is ready there. then just quick combo on the keyboard and the screenshot is done. i actually didn't know there is a cmd to turn off UI/HUD, going to use it next time. i'll try to set a macro for the highresshot also, as time saver.. i've uploaded 19 there but i have taken 50ish, most were unsatisfactory.
  12. 11520x6480 screenshots

    i7 5930k @ 4.3Ghz 2x EVGA GTX 980 Ti (SC version) mobo gigabyte x99 gaming 5 corsair dominato platinum 16gb @ 2666 (4x 4gb) cpu & gpus water cooled. just came from a round, had 50-55 stable fps on logar night. and noticied my squad sli profile disappared (not the 1st time) dunno what's the cause... i think it has to be something with dsr, when someone turns it on, it changes the base profile that can be reverted, there are 3 rows of undefined bits in base profile according to nvidia inspector.
  13. 11520x6480 screenshots

    so, i've been running around on empty sv or local on custom res, DSR enabled x4 (3840 x 2160. i have no 4k monitor)i really have to quote GonzoPR.. "Going back to 1080 after an hour or so of play at 4K DSR sucks."it just looks amazing, i would choose my 30-50 fps with x4 DSR over 80-120 @ 1080... anyway, a highresshot 4 was crashing the game (not enough ram) x3 was freezing the game for 5 to 15 sec but it did cap png files. some of them converted to jpg with ps cs2 (default settings, 8 quality)1, 2 and 3 are with smoothness set to 12%, the rest have smoothness set to 0%. all on Epic, from 4th fov is 94. http://omega.interblock.pl/squad/ Edit: removed embedeed images and put link
  14. i noticied sli seems not working for me when i play 1st time. i need to launche the game, exit and launch again. (not sure 100%, going to check more into)
  15. nVidia DSR 4k and 1440

    done some 3840x2160 exploration on a empty server. i have only 4x nat resolution enabled @ dsr factors in nvdia panel + 12%smoothness. sli didn't work 1 or 2 times (maybe needs some profile adjustment), with all an epic, 30 to 40 fps... 20/25 in some spots with smokes around. HighResShot x4 was crashing the game, x3 filled my drive with 11520x6480 ~110 mb pngs :o http://imgur.com/a/Uo7fj some dsr 4k random captures with bandicam (imgur resized)