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  1. I just had the simple idea of having a system to vault objects or even have your friend to give you a boost over walls, once boosted, you can pull them over the wall as an option what do you all think about that
  2. So I recently was looking at military stuff as I usually do and came across this Portable GMGs This Motherf***er can be carried by a 2 man team so as SQUAD is a tactical game based on realism and teamwork, this would be a great thing to see in it so some of you will see the size of this and say that this being a 2 man portable system is going to be a pile of bull. if something like this is implemented, I think there should be balancing involved -the weight of the weapon will slow down the team of 2 as one carries the gun itself and the other carries the stand and ammo -it takes time to assemble -stoppages and misfires could happen -it needs to be placed on even ground -the system can be destroyed by small arms fire Pros + +it looks like so much fun +involves teamwork as a two man team +used by many different factions in real life +can be used to support troops +it's shiny! *sparkle* *sparkle* Cons - -devs don't have the time currently -animations will have to be done with assembly -12 year olds will call you a "F**king camper!" -will need to be balanced
  3. I've been thinking about this topic, should body armour be able to take a few rounds? and not wound you? what I think Armour should be able to take some types of rounds only up to 7.62x51mm, anything higher will wound you and 50cal will screw you over. Although getting hit does have effects, your character will be in immense pain as taking rounds is like being punched in the guts repeatedly so your accuracy will decrease, at certain ranges, it will result in blunt force trauma stopping your heart meaning you'll have to be revived by a medic via defib. Another thing is that after a certain amount of rounds, the ceramic plate inside you plate carrier will break meaning you'll need to get a new rig. And with helmets you can take up to 1 headshot, after being hit in the head, you'll lose consciousness for a few minutes making you vulnerable to being captured or killed, this won't happen all the time, other times it can be the same as taking a bodyshot and that you'll be in pain for a short while, anything above 7.62x51mm is fatal rifle ammo on body 5.45x39mm (AK 74 ammo) = 5-6 hits 5.56x45mm NATO = 4-5 hits 7.62x39mm (AK 47 ammo) = 3-4 hits, sometimes 5 7.62x51mm NATO = 3-4 hits, 5 is not often any larger rounds like 8.59mm = YOU'RE SCREWED Pistol ammo on body, two most common 9x19mm parabellum = 6-7 hits .45ACP = 5-6 hits I'm not sure how body armour will go for insurgents, perhaps they can get a lower grade type or none at all although they can move quicker and have better endurance as a tradeoff what do all of you think? feel free to suggest anything
  4. This is a thing that I picked up in the cadet force, what I have in mind is an order of march system to balance squads out e.g. so your squad doesn't have too much of one class that could make it too OP This works by having players to fill the fixed roles until they have filled the squad enough to have the optional roles. so what would be available at first? you ask so you would first have the foundations first including Squad leader Medic Radio operator X2 Machine gunners so once you have these roles filled, you can have 4 optional roles for the other players, you can only have one of each except for the rifleman. Breacher Marksman/sniper Rifleman AT/AA soldier (Please not that I'm not familiar with the PR classes so don't criticize me) then you would have the arrangement of the squad Scout/Point man (can be rifleman or Breacher) Squad leader Machine gunner CHARLIE SECTION Radio Operator -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sqad 2IC (Optional) Medic DELTA SECTION Optional Optional Machine Gunner (last man) Then there is the formation system that allows the leader to pass along messages regarding the formation and when to halt or get down. The squad leader gets an interface to tell the rest of the squad what formation they should be in, this means there will be a key to bring it up, the interface is round for ease of use. When a message is passed along by the squad leader there will be an icon of what formation they should be in and when they have been halted or have to get low. Regarding the formations on the HUD it will show players a diagram of it and where they should be at. That's all people, feel free to agree disagree or suggest anything new
  5. They'll probably replace it with another HK rifle, perhaps a variant of the HK416
  6. After being in the Cadet Force for over a year I have done a fair bit of shooting to know the marksmanship principles in the syllabus although I'm nowhere near senior rank. But this did have me thinking for a while about how marksmanship is in realism genre shooters, is it realistic to be spamming you mouse while you fire on semi auto? would you just be punching the trigger a lot? I don't really know what you all think about this and this idea could be shot down quite quickly, I don't mind that really, it's what the community thinks best anyway as far as real combat goes you aren't going to use these marksmanship principles all the time, especially in CQB but in long range engagements this could be used, but not for all types of weapons, you can't really apply this sort of thing if you are using an MG so I think this is rather more suitable for rifles, DMRs and sniper rifles to allow the player to use such a feature, it could be useful for long ranges where accuracy is crucial. so how would this work? you could have a key which allows allows you to squeeze the trigger halfway and then you would press the LMB to fire the shot, prior to firing the shot you can hear you player inhaling and exhaling, you let yourself take a few breaths to stabilize your aim then you press SHIFT to exhale half of your breath and then you can engage the trigger and fire off the shot, this increases you accuracy when firing at longer ranges where skills like this are required. feel free to agree, disagree or suggest anything, people
  7. Halo insertion and parachutes

    I think there should be paratrooper units in the game but it should be limited to 1 squad so it's not too OP
  8. 2man operate HAT

    +1 approve with OP
  9. 2man operate HAT

    It could be optional y'know, it may not be required to have 2 men on an MG or an RPG all the time, but could work in some situations if your squad is playing a support role, I think a rifleman should be able to assist an AT or an MG soldier and carry extra rockets or belts for GPMGs although you would lose 25% less stamina as a result of this. It promotes a bit of teamplay and you don't get things like this in a game, I don't want another modern military FPS, I would prefer something unique that allows such things like this.
  10. Squad 2ICs

    I have been thinking about this for a while now and I'm wondering what you all think of this idea. . A squad leader has to manage a team of 8 people when on patrol, usually there will be a second in charge squad leader who manages a fireteam for the leader. So this means the squad leader manages half of the squad as a fireteam while the 2IC manages the other. This doesn't mean the 2IC can make the tactical decisions though, he can only do that if the leader becomes a casualty. The squad leader can also decide who will be the 2IC and demote him if necessary. The system could also allow the leader to assign a player into a fireteam. This proves useful as if the squad is split in half, there is somebody to lead the other fireteam for the time being as the squad leader is not there
  11. Squad 2ICs

    I would be fine with even just having a few fireteam leaders at least, it would help to manage the squad at least instead of having people with other things on their mind, A squad is more effective if more than one leader is present to keep the cohesion y'know?
  12. I had an idea that may be useful for playing in a support role to replenish supplies in your squad or personal uses This is how it works you can carry additional magazines and rounds which you can fill your magazines via a speed loader, additional mags are heavier and you may not have any room in your webbing so it will remain in your assault pack. you can carry ammo boxes and belts of ammo for machine guns as the role of an LMG assistant gunner, too many rounds and then it gets too heavy you can carry extra rockets, grenades, C4 or claymores but not too many as rockets are too extremely heavy and the weight will slow you down, not to mention too many many explosive would be yo OP/ you can pack additional medical supplies and a fold out stretcher to assist a medic. you can also pack camouflage netting and tarpaulins to conceal FOBs vehicles and other objects, you can also carry more smoke grenades in case of an emergency. Snipers can carry a carbine or SMG and a few mags for it. Breachers can carry crowbars to pry open doors and wire cutters to make holes in fences to get through them or an angle grinder to cut through metal bars. (going to cover this topic) Two soldiers can carry a grenade machinegun as a team (one to carry the weapon and the other to carry ammo for it and the stand to mount it onto) although it does take time to set up you can also carry attachments so you can replace a scope with a reflex sight to adjust to any scenario. you can also attach MOLLE pouches to your webbing for more ammo and supplies, this will make you heavier though and you may run out of room to attach stuff. If you need to take something form your assault pack, you have to take it off and put it on the floor and then you can rummage through it, teammates can also take things out with your consent. the more kit you take, the slower you will move and you won't be able to sprint as long and recovery time will get longer, you can dump kit if you need to but you will just give supplies to the enemy to take. numbers of supplies are finite so you may need to conserve them pros + +allows a squad to adjust to prepare for any scenario +promotes teamwork +players will have to face the consequence of carrying kit and even losing to the enemy, keeping them on their feet +real armies do this in real combat making it more realistic +allows a squad to replenish supplies in the midst of combat to be self sufficient relieving stress on loggie crews cons- -a lot of balancing will be required to get it right -a system will have to be built from scratch -people may just end up being selfish A-holes and use supplies for themselves Feel free to agree, disagree or contribute ideas to this thread
  13. oh, ok I would like to see this in the final product.
  14. It's just a simple idea to create a bit of individuality for a soldier instead of everyone having everyone being the same. You cannot change your camouflage pattern, plate carrier or helmet unless you're in a reconnaissance squad where you wear bush hats to so you don't have to worry about the outline of your helmet making you an easier target to spot. What you can change +decision to wear gloves or not, tactical, fingerless etc. +rolling up sleeves or keeping them down +cam cream if you're in a woodland environment +neck scarves, scrim scarves, shemaghs (can be worn over face) +zap badges (can be customized) +regimental TRF patches. +flags +knee pads +elbow pads +rank slides (based on player experience, ranks could be implemented +foliage on helmets +eyewear, ballistic goggles, military glasses, shades etc. +hydration bladders (aesthetic) +assault packs (to carry additional supplies) +webbing, belt order, chest rigs, MOLLE pouches attached to plate carrier. +ethnicity These are some ideas I have, I would love it if a feature like this could be in SQUAD, as it is some of these custom kit players choose could aid them in battle as far as concealment is concerned. Feel free to agree, disagree or share suggest anything that could help this idea develop
  15. there could at least be a feature to not have sandbags surrounding any kind of heavy machinegun so two men can pick and move with ease if they need to reloacate quickly, also they should be able to be dismantled and put in a vehicle, that could bring the best of both worlds, a heavy MG which two can move with ease but not too far that doesn't give you away like a humvee would do. TL;DR you can pack one of these into a vehicle, take it out when you need, and then you can move it with a buddy as your squad covers you for ease of deployment in a hot firefight, it would also be good for a low profile FOB
  16. Breaching mechanics

    I have a useful idea for this game here Breaching mechanics -players have the ability to kick doors down, if they're locked you can have a breacher use his shotgun to blow it off it's hinges. breachers can carry something like this shotgun here -Breachers have the ability to carry breaching kits consisting of a halligan bar, battering ram, an axe, wire cutters and explosive charges to blow doors down, through thin walls and windows -some units can carry ropes and abseil down buildings, especially special forces so what do y'all think? Feel free to agree, disagree or contribute to this thread
  17. Breaching mechanics

    I agree with you there, an engineer does EOD and construction in the field whereas a breacher blows doors down and holes in walls and windows or open a doors with his tools or shotgun. Both do demolitions although an engineer does large scale demolitions unlike the breacher who blows holes in buildings to gain access to them.
  18. What if SQUAD could have a system to capture enemies and interrogate them so you could gather intelligence. If you capture someone, you cuff them up and you can put a bag over their head then you load them into a vehicle, keeping them alive will give you points and extra tickets if you get them to your base. you can search them for, maps, radios or any other form of intel, even weapons and suicide vests. Maps will show where their squad is headed, locations of FOBs and any other key assets. Torturing or killing a hostage will not get you anywhere so searching and interrogation is important, once a captive is taken to a base, they will respawn although the enemy has gained tickets from it, this is to balance the game so you won't have to wait for the rest of the round to finish because the enemy may not allow you to commit suicide, so you can get back into battle. the cycle in steps capture the enemy interrogate and search bring them back to base get rewards Update the community has spotted an issue so I have a potential solution A hostage can be an NPC, someone like a messenger for a terrorist group, a CIA agent or a captured soldier that a team will have to escort to an area under their control or their a main base, they will be awarded additional intel to simulate interrogation, the intel may reveal locations of enemy FOB or where a squad had been in the last few minutes, the enemy can rescue that hostage to stop them. But there's a catch, the intel you receive is not always accurate, it's a 50/50 chance you'll get reliable intel. There was an issue catching players as they would have to wait until they were rescued or get to the base until they could get back in the fight, we can get around this allowing a player to respawn leaving that combatant as an NPC instead so players won't have to wait a while with a bag over their head.
  19. Yeah I thought so, someone like a messenger from a terrorist group or a CIA agent, perhaps if you capture combatants they have the the option to give up leaving that soldier as an NPC so they can get back into battle, if the team escorting the hostage brings them back to the base, they'll be rewarded with intel on the enemy
  20. Weapon Jam With Tactical Reload.

    you see? clearing a stoppage is a simple thing as long as the the devs don't make it common occurence, not to mention that it only takes a few seconds to clear, I still don't mind not having this in the game but I would appreciate it if the devs could implement this mechanic in future.
  21. Yeah, perhaps we could have some modular thing stuff going on, kinda like CSE for Arma3 or the TMR mod
  22. What would you guys think about different types of paces to conserve your stamina and accuracy examples Patrol pace (walking with weapon pointing down, weapon can be raised too) = Doesn't consume stamina Tactical pace (walking slightly faster with weapon pointing up) = Barely consumes stamina Speed march (fast walk/jog sustaining a speed of 6 mph) = can consume a fair bit of stamina when running long distances, accuracy will be effected slightly Running pace (faster than a speed march, not quite a sprint) = can moderately consume stamina when running long distances accuracy will be very compromised Sprinting (you know what that is) = Only works for distances no more than 100m, greatly consumes stamina and accuracy I may be wrong about distances and how it will effect stamina Pros + patrol pace can help aid spotting enemies as you have more to observe areas you pass, free look feature will work well with it + helps to conserve stamina cons - devs will have to animate movement taking up development tiem - alternating between paces might be clunky and could take up keyboard space Feel free to agree, disagree or suggest anything new
  23. well, It's only a suggestion and the good aspects could be taken from this thread to be used in the game, not all of the ideas, there could at least be an option to just give up so you respawn and the character you were playing as becomes an Ai so they can still escort them to the base for rewards, your team could still rescue them though and gain a reward for saving them so the enemy won't be rewarded themselves
  24. Weapon Jam With Tactical Reload.

    Ok then, I don't mind either way, it was just a suggestion as it is.
  25. Weapon Jam With Tactical Reload.

    what do you mean as "non-starter?"