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  1. 8km2 i think but i will double check i double cheeked and it not 8km2 its 16km2 so its 4x4
  2. this is not a remake as we don't own or have the rights to the PR map of Kashan Desert, the map is Inspired by Kashan Desert and aims to recreated the feel and game play. also on the boring part, That's just like your opinion man
  3. why what?
  4. currently streaming
  5. yeah stop taking credit for shit I do Tom but jokes aside it has been a group effort so every one gets a pat on the back. even if it's a small input it still helps and greatly improves the wiki
  6. we had the game mode you described before early access it's called conquest I don't know why they took it out. Warning off topic rant ahead ! PAAS also dose some of what you want and I find though's games are like the blind leading the stupid. No one knows how to defend in AAS as is, so how do you expect them to defend 2 - 3 flags
  7. yeah its down thats why i made this post
  8. some servers dont show up in the in game browser mainly my clans servers (SFSS) this issue start about 3.9 onwards. till now i have been using squadrock to join. any fixes?
  9. Alt look maybe :D but any way I would like a Toggle to walk
  10. At the radio tower there is a hesco bunker that you can not get in fully you get stop just inside it. Images of the offending bunker
  11. the way it is now works well
  12. This is good shit 11/10
  13. Very nice
  14. Just my two cents we could have static HMGs and bunkers at main to make it more of a risk to spawn camp