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  1. .50

    Would be nice if the grass moved out of the sight when you place the .50.
  2. Do we have an Idea on how mortars will work?

    EDIT: You got 3 rounds 1=Impact 2=Airburst 3=Smoke.
  3. Do we have an Idea on how mortars will work?

  4. I would love to have a left-ALT key that slows my movement to a verry slow pace.
  5. Servers either full or empty...?

    Don't be scared to join EU servers, as long as your ping isn't above 300 you won't notice a thing, they are still optimizing. I am from Holland and I play on the 303RD US server with no problems.
  6. The Last Echelon Server

    Thanks for the explanation! good reasons, i'll check your server out sometime.
  7. The Last Echelon Server

    No FOB griefing? So when I walk from main base to next flag and I encounter enemy FOB in the forest then I need to just call it in and keep walking? or let me get shot? Kill 1 spawning and then its the objective from the one you killed to get on comms and tell others not to spawn, and the shooter should tell his squad to come help get the FOB down.
  8. First time making a video, playing the Russian forces and Militia.
  9. [303RD] Alberts - Russian forces and Militia

    Thanks guys, ofcourse:
  10. Devs Need Your Help! 4k in game screenshots

    I got the Logitech G710+, Yea but how can I like make the macro so multiple console commands go after each other with one push.
  11. Devs Need Your Help! 4k in game screenshots

    Could some one explain to me in depth how to macro the script? I just copy pasted the lines but I have no clue what I am doing or were to put it.
  12. Vehicles

    If they follow PR's example everyone can drive the humvee/trucks, only vehicles like the tank or APC/BMP and air CAS/Transport-choppers need special kits. For the trucks, most of the time players will create squads only for transport or supply with only 2-4 people in the squad (same goes for APC squads etc.). The humvee can be used by normal infantry squads for firepower and high mobility transport (for maybe 1-2 squads depending map/team size). No further source on this subject, just PR experience and knowing they follow the PR guidelines (roughly).
  13. Healing system

    I am already in stress healing some one on my stomach with bullets flying 3'' above my head, getting hit myself after that, and seeing there are 5 more people who need revive... total chaos.
  14. On vehicles

    I hope there will be just 4-6 humvees/game and like 2 transport trucks. I think naming youre squad is the best solution: Transport, Armored Transport etc.
  15. When will the november update hit portal for download?
  16. I would really recommend people who don't got Squad (yet) to play Project Reality (http://www.realitymod.com/) just to get a rough idea about Squad. Reason being, forum topics about getting more grenades, leveling of characters, ranking systems, different weapons/standard issue weapons, faster grenade throwing, fast secondary swap, special forces..???, electronic warfare and the list goes on.. Ofcourse I know Squad won't be a copy-paste of PR, but at least people can get an rough idea about Squad. Maybe I am going to far with this.. but I really love the game so much!
  17. Do you slow walk?

    I try to use it, just wish I could walk even slower can't ''really'' see the difference sometimes :P
  18. Level System for classes

    People still don't seem to understand what kind of game Squad is..
  19. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Britain, Russia and the Netherlands
  20. frenchs can have our section on the forum ?

    Don't mind me just having some fun :P http://www.rivieratimes.com/index.php/provence-cote-dazur-article/items/french-the-worst-at-speaking-english-in-eu.html
  21. Are AK sounds better NOW, or are they worse?

    New sounds are awsome! keep it up.
  22. My first bad experience as SL

    You did a great job yesterday, just a bad game man. That guy whas just talking real BS, I remember keeping myself calm towards that guy. I really felt sad when we were moving on defend flag and like only 3 out of 9 moved in. People can dissagree with a SL but talk about it after the game and don't ignore orders ingame.
  23. I am worried about Humvees and Vehicles.

    Why shoot the tires, you are not the police.. your the FUCKING TALIBAN ALLAHU AKBAR, just RPG that shit to paradise.
  24. I am worried about Humvees and Vehicles.

    Have you ever played Project Reality? I hope they get the same vehicles on Squad. Once community servers are online people will learn how to act with vehicles. I learned the hard way people getting mad on me on PR when I just started playing. Then I learned how to play with vehicles and the experience whas brutal awsome. So please get all this juice in there http://projectreality.wikia.com/wiki/Vehicles!!