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  1. 5.56 replacement

    This is just another example of General trying to use the "5.56 is no good" argument to get the Congress to waste money on new rifle replacement program. While it is true that 5.56 is not the best magical kill it all round, it is still the best all purpose round out there in mass use and production. The whole idea of going back to 7.62 nato was bc of the appearance of cheap Chinese body armor and our experience in Afghanistan where troops are getting shot at by rpk machine gun at 1000+ yards. While the intention may sounds good, considering the crazy heavy load that soldiers are carrying now and the fact that other long range squad assets (mortar, DMR, or medium machine gun) already exists, going back to 7.62 will do nothing but reduce soldiers firepower and break their backs...
  2. A new Levelcap Video on a New Build

    This will be good!
  3. V5.5 patch notes leak

  4. March 2016 Recap

    That's a goggles.
  5. The Military Media Thread

    At 4:11, there's a brown/red hair guy in Marine's MARPAT style jacket on the right. Westerner? Some kind of military advisor?
  6. Optics

    This was discussed for years, and the answer is no. It is an amazing feature and we all love to have it, but the truth is that it is unfeasible with 100 players and big map. Not everyone have NASA computer and google fiber. Check search function for similar thread.
  7. US M16/M4 weapons full auto??

    US Army are now issuing M4A1 (full auto capable) to replace M16 and M4 carbine (both are 3 round burst). So, it is perfectly realistic.
  8. Developer Diary - London Trip

    Oh, HE MAD!!!!
  9. This has been discussed multiple times already. ACOG is implement this way due to performance issues and 3D optic has been tried. This thread will probably get locked up to prevent firestorm.
  10. Escape from Tarkov

    Praise the Lord Dugan Ashley
  11. Scope

    From what I remember, US military don't issue ACOG/ RMR combo to any infantry with exception to marine SAW/LAR gunner. As far as I know, only British and German standard issue red-dot on top of their optic. You ether have to wait for US Marine, or the Brit, to get an ACOG / RMR combo. P.S. the Bri is issuing ELCAN optic with reddot sight now, so you probably going to have a choice of ACOG combo or a ELCAN combo.
  12. We are down to 23rd we gotta vote 4 days left!

    I think we are at 23rd now :(
  13. Kalashnikovs are comin'

    Taken from: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2015/09/06/new-photos-of-ak-74-upgrade-package-for-russian-army-courtesy-larry-vickers/ "'The modernization package offers the Russian Army the option to retrofit existing rifles to a newer standard, most likely with a significant cost-savings versus buying new AK-12s which are expected to cost the equivalent of about $1,000 per. I suspect the Russian Army will pursue both strategies, retrofitting AK-74s to the new standard and adopting the AK-12 or A545 in more limited numbers, slowly replacing existing and worn-out rifles with the new type." Considering the crazy amount of surplus AK 74, I doubt Russian military will make any large scale transition to AK 12 in any time soon.