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  1. V7 Vehicle HYPE

    I approve.
  2. HMG Kill of the Week thread!

    This is awesome lol
  3. Alpha 5 Released

  4. RedCoats v RedCoats

  5. State of the game 2018

    500 person servers, life sized maps of battlefields. L33t logistics and base building mechanics. 346 playable vehicles anddddd all of the factions.
  6. hacker on tactical gamers server

    Couldn't get footage in time of him actually doing it. hes talking in chat saying plenty of racist things which i did get, and everyone on the server was calling him out. ( feel free to move this topic to appropriate page, i was in a rush ) Merry xmas
  7. I can't access there teamspeak b/c of there stupid forums registerations. hes name is HOHOL, infinite grenade launchers. Tactical gamer [TG] Squad server
  8. Closed Alpha 3 Released

    I noticed this to, i think it's the small 18 MB update that happened earlier yesterday when it was released to the public.
  9. How many maps are there in Squad?

    4? Fools road, Chora, logar, sumari nvm ^^^^^^^
  10. it was the top seller for most of today, and last time i checked its now under only GTA so, i think thats pretty good. I would imagine there will be people who will request refunds because they didn't read what there getting into and with the servers being a little wacky, people get afraid and get refunds while they can.
  11. My answer to the 'Noob-pocalypse': Watch Your Flank V2

    wink wink nudge nudge.
  12. I paid 70 too haha, and i dont regret it.
  13. Its a big reason why AAA games get away with such robbery, people are to damn ignorant and oblivious to that fact there being taking advantage of, and when good games come out by smaller teams people don't get why there not being spoon fed information. The next couple of days are going to be hard, trying to iron out the idiots who don't get Squad and trying to teach the people who actually want to learn how to play such a game.