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  1. couple of questions

    Sniper role would [email protected]# this game
  2. Register your Mod at /r/PlaySquad

    These are not the Droids you're looking for
  3. New Squad Subreddit

    Hey guys-the community is trying to get a subreddit going for squad. Many ppl in the community felt the old reddit didnt fit our needs well for this type of game. Heres the link if u are interested https://www.reddit.com/r/PlaySquad/
  4. There has to be a "toggle" focus

    I think the focus/zoom function is there to give an advantage to a stationary player and the only alternative is to increase gun sway on a player who is moving (please no)
  5. Co operative revive

    You don't lose a ticket for going incapacitated. You lose a ticket the moment you bleed out or hit give up and respawn.
  6. Lighting feedback v6.1

    Turn shadows to epic and gorodok looks amazing
  7. How do I zoom?

    Yeah in A6 you can bind sprint and focus to 2 separate keys. In past versions you would press shift (for focus) but if you moved forward it would cause you to start sprinting. Now you lose focus if you move so the only way to stay in focus is by standing still thus negating the need to have them bound to 2 different keys. I'm hoping someone proves me wrong here because I can't understand the need for the separate binding now.
  8. Lighting feedback v6.1

    No I thought everything had lost its shine and contrast as well. WIP apparently.
  9. Lighting feedback v6.1

    Quote from Irontaxi in reply to my complaints about this on another thread "completely different lighting.. going to take some time to get it back to where it was."
  10. How do I zoom?

    My question is-if you cant zoom while moving now-why rebind the key in the first place?
  11. Sun glare now gone?!

    No, I understand exactly what you are talking about. The new shadow system has really dulled the game down. There was a realistic look on v5 with epic shadows and it's gone now. The lighting looks different on a lot of maps now as well (not sure if it's due to the new shadows). Kohat aas use to be my favorite level but now I just can't stand the look of it.
  12. Team/Clan Stacking

    I can attest to RIP not team stacking. They are a standup bunch!
  13. v6 hotfix

    Couldn't agree more. I know the hot fix was meant to make the game playable so we didn't all whine the entire holiday weekend but the game looks like crap. Hopefully it gets sorted (I'd be really happy to be back with v5 lighting and shadows). Thanks devs
  14. Pitch black shadows?

    I liked shadows on 5.3 but just really don't like shadows and (lack of) lighting with v6.
  15. V6 update not smooth

    In my opinion-we are the testers. Im not gonna complain about an alpha because im not happy, Im gonna complain to provide feedback. I find V6 to have changed the look of the game so much that I have no desire to play it atm. I think the lighting and shading look horrible. V5 in my opinion looked amazing but I just cant get into the changes here. The performance on my end has decreased on maps like op first light, chora. This is under the same variables as V5 (64 man server). Sorry but Im blunt. Thats my opinion.