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  1. Map Grids System

    PR never used all the characters of the alphabet. As far as i remember it went from Alpha to Mike. Experience PR players gave away a second keypad number on 4km2 maps. For example "Lima 3 Keypad 8 Keypad 1". I think the Keypad system needs improvement, so that you communicate 2 numbers in a row.
  2. Map Grids System

    +1 for the PR grid system. Whenever i was Squadleader, Sniper/Scout, Commander or simply used the chat to give away enemy position the people never were confused. If i told them there is an APC in Foxtrot 7 kp 8 it was always understood immediately in 90% of the cases. The missing 6% occur when the target was moving too quickly and constantly changed it's position and the last 4% were simply noobs who were new to the game or rather never used the grid system properly.
  3. Will The Map Show The Positions Of Friendly Soldiers?

    In PR it was hard enough to get the comunication between squads properly down. Without seeing team members on the map it would just make the whole communication process harder, and some people will end up avoiding communication at all. Also, since there won't be any nametags ( i strongly assume there won't be any) people are more likely to teamkill if they can't check on there map if there are any friendly up in front of them. personally i think you should only see Squadleaders, Scout Teams, Vehicles on the mini map. but i honestly don't think that would be a good solution. Show them all. And your own squad should be shown in a different colour. i think that would be the best solution.
  4. How Many Shots To Kill A Player?

    In PR you start to bleed after your HP reaches 70HP or less. Most classes have 100HP and one hit from an M9 Pistol took away 20HP, so you had 80HP left and didn't start to bleed. An Ak47 on the otherside did something like 45 or 37 Hp damage, which caused you to bleed to death if you wouldn't have been treated.
  5. Good evening My question has already been mentioned in the title. Are you planning on using the Unity 4 Engine which requieres a monthly payment of 20$ per User + 5% revenue of the sales? And the second question is headed more towards the coders of Squad. Are you mostly using C++ when you use the Unitiy Engine? Or which programming language are you mostly involved with right now? I started to learn C and i'm questioning myself if i should turn over to C++ in order to maybe step into the development at some point. Yet i'm still new to this subject of programing and i don't think i'll be able to help out during the next 12months. Anyway, thanks for your time and hopefully i hear something from you guys.