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  1. It is very arcade like. Plus with all the free weekend players it will only be amplified. I would recommend trying it just for the gun play alone. IDK why but I really like it for some reason. The sounds are still garbage IMO, but at least they fixed some major sound bugs with this free play. It's honestly more fun to play on lower populated servers as it slows game play a bit.
  2. Ya mine's not on there either
  3. I played for a bit and had a pretty decent time. It's run and gun for sure with a hint of tactical play. The sounds are absolute shit IMO, hopefully that gets sorted out before release. Oh, and I suck very badly Maybe with practice I'll get better, but highly unlikely haha.
  4. I purchased as well! Looking forward to this weekend!
  5. I have a 6700k and a gtx 1070. I've tested both with HT on and off. No difference for me.
  6. Ok my bad, I saw that. That's a lot of dough to fork out for instant access. I'm gonna have to wait a bit...
  7. Just bought it myself @ $23 on Steam. Why not?
  8. That's just it though, it's not a "Dev thing", it's a UE4 thing that's known and at this point in UE4 development, not fixed.
  9. What package will I need to play instantly?
  10. This is a good deal it seems. I will definitely be getting this!
  11. Yes, it does.
  12. In the main squad menu, go to settings, then game settings. It is the first of three options in the bottom right hand corner. Choose CLEAR CACHED USER DATA. Then you have to redo all your settings but no big deal. Also you can delete the squad local folder. Usually found in a folder like this: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Squad
  13. What resolution do you run at? How fast is your 7700 running?
  14. Here's a start, you can add or remove things you think you will need or not need to get a good perspective of what the final cost will be. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/
  15. That's impressive... can't wait to see some squad gameplay (if you can).
  16. Did you clear your cache settings in game? Also try deleting your local squad files.
  17. Good work @Dankicity. Keep it up!
  18. I've read that you can overclock the 3770 non k pretty easily. Ever try looking into that? An overclock on that cpu to just 4.0 ghz would make a huge improvement imo.
  19. Nice work @DesmoLocke, looking forward to signing up as I have Sunday off (wink wink) lol
  20. They are, he's salty because his amd doesn't play well with UE4.
  21. Welcome to the forums. This is a broad question that everyone seems to be asking right now. If you only care about gaming and gaming performance then I would go for a faster lower cored intel 7600k or 7700k. If you game, and stream, and edit video, or use your PC to multitask heavily, I would go for the ryzen 1700x or maybe even the 1600x. Since the majority of games out now, and for the foreseeable future can barely utilize 4 cores as it is, getting any cpu with more than 4 cores just to game doesn't seem wise to me. But if you use it for way more then just gaming, ryzen is the way to go.
  22. He changes it to low, with no difference.
  23. If you OC your cpu that would help out quite a bit. What MOBO do you have? Also how much ram on your 950?
  24. So if you got the 7600k you wouldn't OC it? That would just be a waist. If you plan on gaming on your rig more then content creation, go with intel. If you plan on creating and editing videos and other things more then gaming go with ryzen. With either, you can't really lose. Both are sufficient in doing what you need to do.
  25. M27 IAR https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M27_Infantry_Automatic_Rifle