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  1. This was a great move by the G men. Marshall is a BEAST! Especially with a good QB like Eli.
  2. Bumping this thread as I think this is a big problem in public servers now. Teams get steam rolled one round after another with no intervention from admins. It's a huge turn off to new players and casual players just looking for a fun balanced match. I'm sick and tired of joining every server to be put on the team with 7 less players backed up to their main base. Does the auto-balance function even work? Or maybe I should just join a clan and start being on the team that's doing the steam-rolling? Oh wait I can't even join that team because they already have way more players then the team I'm on...
  3. Only 5.5 for me...
  4. rasism

    It is wrong. If you go to the server's website, and know what time you were kicked, it should tell you the admin(s) that kicked you and they should be held accountable.
  5. rasism

    Are you sure that was the reason? You specifically were told that's why you were being kicked?
  6. No but he has an OC'd 6700k. That paired with 480x & freesync should fair quite well...
  7. So how much space do you actually have left on the hard drive you are trying to install it on? If you are down to the niddy griddy, then ya, squad will not allocate enough space for the download. It's simple really, make more space...
  8. Nice work as usual! Gonna have fun with this tomorrow for sure
  9. Might be relevant...
  10. ? what ? The sounds are great....
  11. I too am now getting this problem. I installed the v9 play test and all was fine. I then re-installed back to the current version of squad and the anti-cheat and I get booted from the server as soon as I join. I also tried clearing cache and deleting local folder. Doing a fresh install now to see if that will work. edit: fresh install did not work dammit. not sure what to do now edit: ok it turned out it was the veteran steam perks that were causing my crashes
  12. Yeah I just played a round. Good fun. A couple small bugs here and there but other than that, smooth sailing!
  13. Yes I had this, make sure beta testing is enabled in the same beta page as you enter the code.
  14. Thank you! lol I messed up when inputting code.
  15. I did that, now what? Where to DL?