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  1. I've read that you can overclock the 3770 non k pretty easily. Ever try looking into that? An overclock on that cpu to just 4.0 ghz would make a huge improvement imo.
  2. Nice work @DesmoLocke, looking forward to signing up as I have Sunday off (wink wink) lol
  3. They are, he's salty because his amd doesn't play well with UE4.
  4. Welcome to the forums. This is a broad question that everyone seems to be asking right now. If you only care about gaming and gaming performance then I would go for a faster lower cored intel 7600k or 7700k. If you game, and stream, and edit video, or use your PC to multitask heavily, I would go for the ryzen 1700x or maybe even the 1600x. Since the majority of games out now, and for the foreseeable future can barely utilize 4 cores as it is, getting any cpu with more than 4 cores just to game doesn't seem wise to me. But if you use it for way more then just gaming, ryzen is the way to go.
  5. He changes it to low, with no difference.
  6. If you OC your cpu that would help out quite a bit. What MOBO do you have? Also how much ram on your 950?
  7. So if you got the 7600k you wouldn't OC it? That would just be a waist. If you plan on gaming on your rig more then content creation, go with intel. If you plan on creating and editing videos and other things more then gaming go with ryzen. With either, you can't really lose. Both are sufficient in doing what you need to do.
  8. M27 IAR https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M27_Infantry_Automatic_Rifle
  9. They're even remaking it on UE4. https://newworldinteractive.com/announcing-insurgency-sandstorm/
  10. Nice explanation. I just have always heard that phase change builds put out a lot of heat into the rooms they're running in. I've never really known anyone who's had one, only reason I asked. Very impressive cpu OC numbers none the less.
  11. Does the phase change case itself put out a lot of heat into the room? Badass btw! I bet squad (and every other game) runs like a dream.
  12. HAHA good stuff!
  13. What kind of CPU cooling are you using to get that 7700k up to 5.4 ghz ?
  14. Just to add to the discussion.... http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f602-pr2-general-discussion/125999-project-reality-2-work-progress.html
  15. You're right, they aren't that bad. It's just unreal engine doesn't play nice with AMD cpu's at the moment, especially the FX series.