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  1. If you're using WIN10 disable the DVR thingy in the xbox app.
  2. Yeah Bluedrake is all over this. It's not going to turn out the way he thinks it is....
  3. I'm more surprised by your "middle of the road" FOB then squad 3's actions...
  4. It's about time some competition show up in the CPU race. Hopefully Vega will follow suit for the GPU side...
  5. Ya the video is cool, he figured out how to get the bots to track him, but not yet shoot him... I think. I'll try to find it. I found it
  6. There is a feller on r/joinsquad who is tinkering with AI in squad and he has a video or two. IIRC in the comments, he said it was quite difficult.
  7. Or if not officially added by the dev's, I wonder if it could be modded in somehow by the community?
  8. Sprint strafing is something I hope the Dev's do away with. No one should be able to strafe that fast while still keeping pin point accuracy like that. It's a bit ridiculous.
  9. I think I want everyone to have a pistol or side arm just because I have no melee weapon yet. (shovel, knife)
  10. Go Falcons!?!
  11. Same here. I wonder if the new animation and inventory systems will bring better performance with it? Great re-cap none the less. Good work Devs. Don't let a few bad apples ruin your motivation for this project.
  12. Haha, keep us updated with the build man. I like pics and details....
  13. "They" will never be happy....
  14. Very nice!
  15. Ya I haven't played yet but I'd almost rather play verdun.... I will give it a go though for $25.