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  1. What resolution are you running? Do you use super sampling?
  2. Have you tried verifying the integrity of the game cache in steam?
  3. Probably not for a bit, you just missed the Steam winter sale.
  4. Take some pics!!! I want to see.
  5. He was, but I don't believe he is anymore.
  6. I wouldn't say it's shit, but yes, very little improvements from gen to gen and WAY overpriced. AMD needs to step up and compete!
  7. Your FOB's are easy to overcome. It's merely a distraction. A well organised team will destroy a super FOB team any day of the week...
  8. I believe he is referring to his CPU, not his GPU.
  9. Try the search function on the forum. Check this thread out, it might help.
  10. What's that now? What's the problem?
  11. Try deleting your local Squad folder in your AppData folder, then verify the integrity of the game cache in Steam.
  12. As far as DX12 and Vulcan go, this is a good watch I posted at an earlier time in the Hardware Tech Support forum.
  13. Did you update your OS or anything else?
  14. There is a new i3 cpu coming out soon though that might be of use. Not sure how good it would be for gaming, but the stock clock speed looks promising. Skip this video to 6:10.
  15. Make it your own! Remember when you were a kid and made all those forts with pillows and cushions? This is what all that training was for!