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  1. I never got my Perk Key

    Just to confirm what are the founder and squad leader options turn on? The rest are self explanatory
  2. I never got my Perk Key

    This seems to have worked. Thumbs up. Fingers crossed. Not sure how long for thanks to Squad logic... Feels like weird Arma glitches haha
  3. I never got my Perk Key

    Just restarted my computer... Now guess what the menu is missing again. Mind fcuk.
  4. I never got my Perk Key

    @Assifuah That whole sub menu 'Steam Inventory' was missing for me. I verfied the cache before the latest update which hadn't worked HOWEVER this time AFTER the update it has worked and I have the menu! What a n00b I feel haha. Thanks for the help.
  5. I never got my Perk Key

    Steam says I have the Soundtrack and Squad Leader Perks installed. I've logged out and logged in and still can't see the option for the skins in the game settings? I'll have to contact support. Thanks for the advice.
  6. I never got my Perk Key

    I got my perk key, I entered it in on steam, steam downloaded. Still no option in the game settings to add custom skins?!
  7. Alienware x51r2

    Just wondering what graphics cards people have upgraded to with their x51r2s as we're limited by space and power supply... From what I've read the card cannot be longer than about 9.5in and it's a 300W power supply. Looking for a new card so would appreciate suggestions please. Many thanks
  8. Fatal Error

    Hi, I used to be able to play Squad and have done since buying the Squad Leader edition of the game, but since recent updates have been unable to get past the keyboard controls splash. Each time I get the 'Fatal Error: [File:D:\build_411\Engine\Source\Runtime\WindowsD3D12RH\Private\D3D12Util.cpp][Line:223] GetParentDevice()->GetDevice()->CreateGraphicsPipelineState(&Desc->Desc,IDD_PPV_ARGS(PipelineState.GetInitReference())) failed at D:\build411\Engine\Source\Runtime\WindowsD3D12RH\Private\D3D12StateCache.cpp:3337 with error E_INVALIDARG' Does anybody know what I can do about this error? Many thanks in advance, Mortz
  9. Lone wolf squad

    This was posted a little tongue in cheek I think some people are taking my suggestion of a ban far too seriously!
  10. Lone wolf squad

    The steam screen shot key doesn't always work for me. Soz.
  11. Lone wolf squad

    It goes against everything squad is. Why play as a lone wolf? What are you contributing
  12. Lone wolf squad

    http://postimg.org/image/5rrlxdrgh Face palm. People like this should get a global ban
  13. Spawn Killing as of Right Now

    FOBs and Rally's are fair game. They're forward points which will fall into contention. Tough luck if you get killed on one. Fall back to another spawn.
  14. Types of Annoying Players

    Not doing this should be punishable by death. Also every time you fire an RPG or kill an infidel.
  15. You're a fool for writing your a fool.