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  1. That's feedback directly from one of my community members. There may be others who are also under the impression that this is the case but chose not to mention it, or it could be an isolated opinion. I don't have sufficient data to make a informed call there so I have just passed it on to you. You could probably go some way towards addressing any similar concerns that may be present among the wider community by sharing future plans before they are implemented - even just the 'must do' items for the next release in order to avoid having to disappoint anyone by having to drop some things from the list if/when others take longer than expected. A semi-redacted public roadmap for the next version could also work, with items made readable (with some media where appropriate) as issues are completed. Either approach would demonstrate a concrete plan of action with clear progress (as a count down) towards the next release and address the point that was raised. Reporting the proportion of open issues in each update that you post here would also work, and would be a small change which should be easy to implement. Do those changes address the insurgency game mode in particular? This was a source of many issues that people asked me to pass on to you, and I'm sure people would find that information useful.
  2. ps. @Odin I have a poll about the most popular games within PRTA running and early results indicate that Squad is #2 (behind PRBF2), with more than 50% of people interested in playing it. The potential is there, but the issues listed above are holding us back.
  3. I got a bunch of things from both players and admins, including information from people who are not very active pertaining to the reasons behind their current lack of interest. A general theme of lack of content has emerged: Every single feature from Squad is amazing, but the amount of features is just absurd low for now. Tired of constantly playing the same, that's why I'm just waiting for the new update. Development seems to have slowed right down. They don't seem to have a proper Project Manager. Balance issues have been brought up: The biggest problem is the balance between maps and factions - you join up a game, and you know you are gonna have a tough time if you are either the militia, or insurgents. Specific example: win ratio on logar as us has been at least 65-75% for the us. Often you cant spawn as Ins as you can only spawn on caches... but sometimes there are no caches. Some outstanding bugs contribute to low player numbers: Ins is just too buggy to play. Right now I just left the server because a cache again spawned on an Ins resupply (map: kokan; location not reported). The resupply car is now bugged and can not be used. This happens a lot. Bug: if you destroy a car on its spawn it doesn't disappear before the next spawns which then leads to then never ending cycle of that car blowing up. Vehicles get stuck far too often, not consistent with behaviour during testing. Admins want improved tools: Most requested admin function: ability to warn players. Want easier administration workflow for base-rape (could extend to spawn camping, too). The most significant actions that we'd recommend based on this information are: Add more variety - add community maps, add different layers in new parts of old maps, use different factions, &c. Get creative. Additional variety does not always require code changes, it can often be done by just moving some flags around in the editor. Fix balance quickly when issues are detected. Don't wait for new features to include alongside balance fixes. This should deal with variety to some extent, too. Improve/extend admin commands/tools: adding a warn command is an easy first step. Behaviour issues are a minor issue currently, but we want tools in place before they become more significant. @Odin What feedback can I give to my community members and admins? Are some of these things already prioritised for the next release or two? Are there any organisational changes (more emphasis on including community maps/fixing balance issues/project management tweaks) that would help mitigate some of these issues that I could tell people about?
  4. Can someone involved in development PM me to discuss a batch of feedback from PRTA and ensure it goes in the appropriate places for the DEVs to use it? I've so far been unable to find may people to approach and had no responses.