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  1. Server License Issue

    Appreciate it Beginna, I joined that and posted on there. Hopefully I can get this sorted, because the 6700/7700/8700 are all desktop series processors, so most dedicated servers that are actual servers wouldn't even be using them.
  2. I wanted to see what other people were running into here. I previously had a squad server license, and due to some real life issues, was unable to use it for a while, so I think it got flagged inactive and revoked. I applied for a new one, with a server of exact same hardware as previously, but got denied citing the processor not being powerful enough for 80 players, or even 64. It currently has intel e3-1270 v3 at 3.5ghz with 32gb of ram and all SSDs. I know it's not the beefiest processor out there, but I've never had issues running squad, pr, arma 3, or other various servers at player counts of 80+. Has anyone else had a similar denial issue? I'm not sure what to do here, because I know the hardware can handle it, and Offworld did as well since they issued me a license with the exact same setup before. Thanks!