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  1. Op First Light map updates (old Forest map)

    This is probably one of the best ones so far- +1 from me.
  2. Scopes/Iron Sights Thread

    Alright, thanks for clarifying then. Being Australian most of the guns I have access to/own are for Hunting, so it's rare that I'm able to get the opportunity to use a weapon that doesn't have a scope on it.
  3. Combat Footage

    This is wrong, the APC is a VBIED (it has no guns on it as you can see) and the RPG is from IS troops suppressing a gun position so they can't fire on the VBIED. I've watched the full video but it was youtube and it's since been removed- I can't remember the name.
  4. australian defence force

    Yeah and give us the new AMCU pattern too while you're at it so I can ejaculate over my keyboard, thanks guys.
  5. Scopes/Iron Sights Thread

    I have an Enfield .303- And you don't get this ghost ring effect when focusing on the front sight whilst aiming at a target. I have also fired a Ruger Scout in .308 and the iron sights on that do blur whilst focusing through the front sight. A Remington 7615 with ringed sights blurs too. I find it's different depending on the shape of the iron sight. I can't imagine getting any blur looking through an AK-74 style sight, maybe you would on an M16 style sight- I don't know with these because I've not looked through them... Based on the various sights I've looked through, this is the impression- Maybe it's just me? I've never discussed it with anyone.
  6. Scope Implementation Discussion

    I can testify against the PiP scope for low end, I have to turn the scope setting right down on Insurgency to run it on my laptop because it's on its way out. Before it was fine, I loved it- But now I just can't handle it. I imagine anyone in a similar condition, or who simply has a worse machine would have a lot of issues with it. +1 From me
  7. Combat Footage

    Good point.
  8. Taliban and US

    It's definitely a good kind of unique. As opposed to USA vs China/Russia/MEC style faction/Home grown crime organisation? The taliban has been featured in Medal of Honour, And project reality- Now Squad. That's hardly overused. Clearly just can't into insurgent.
  9. Combat Footage

    Well, watch it lol- What do they look like to you?
  10. Weapon Corner Snap..

    Yes it can. I was about to post about insurgency but the poster above has done this already.
  11. Map design: Cover.

    Everything is still in development obviously, so touch ups like these are going to definitely be implemented in due time. Another thing to point out is that sometimes concealment is great cover. Something I'm sure you'll notice about Bluedrake is that he loves to run around in the open.
  12. Are you implying war makes you more good looking? And hey, Any of us could look like a foreign fighter in a terrorist faction LOL
  13. [Visual] Small firearms Slings

    I liked this.
  14. Combat Footage

    I've seen that, it's not even really that bad compared to some of the combat videos to be honest. There's one where an SAA soldiers gets gunned down by ISIL fighters and crawls into a stair well, then gets shot 3 times- one of which hits a smoke grenade or something that ignites and sets him on fire. As you can see here- ISIL wear camo or black versions of the traditional Islamic dress(Just like JAN), and IF (who are the ones taking the video) are generally dressed like civilians with guns and a bit of camo here and there. You can also see some guys there with grey latex masks or some shit, I guess they must be Mexican wrestler foreign fighters. The story in the above video is that a few of the ISIL fighters decided that they didn't want to fight with other Muslims, so they surrendered to save the bloodshed- The others, well- They are the hardline ones who see Islamic Front as "Munafiqeen" or Hypocrites, and see no harm in shooting them... So they attack. Note: The video rewinds at 1:15 or something and swaps to a second camera angle.
  15. If it was easy, I'm sure more games would have it. CoD and Halo are the only two big name games who had animations into vehicles online. CoD 3, and CoD WaW. We know that WaW was able to do it because every CoD after CoD 4 was just a copy paste, and with such a massive team- they had a lot of extra shit to waste their time with. Then they put tanks on two maps in two game modes anyway.