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  1. korengal valley in squad

    That's awesome ! i just got back to this game after a long break but that's great to hear !
  2. IDK about you guys but Korengal valley was my favourite map in PR due to the firefights and CQC do you guys think we will see it make an appearance in Squad justimagine how epic it would be with the new engine 10/10 Not sure if this is the right thread to post about this but W/E
  3. Some of you may already know me from in game but anyways i am from Ontario Canada i am 19 yrs old. I just made this post to say whats up and i cant wait to see you on the battlefield ! NOTE: you can catch me livestreaming squad almost everyday ! http://www.twitch.tv/speedylivetv Hope to play with you all soon :)
  4. Training mode IDEA!

    Maybe have it where you can place the FOB without having 3 or more people around you in training mode so people can make epic FOBS and show them off ?! what do you guys think ?
  5. Squad Livestream

    I am using OBS and yeah i totally agree i need to figure out that problem !
  6. Drunk Squad Leader (Stream Highlight!)

    I approve of this message :)
  7. Drunk Squad Leader (Stream Highlight!)

    hahaha it was a blast man good time playing with you !
  8. Drunk Squad Leader (Stream Highlight!)

    LMFAO !!!!! Thats awesome
  9. Drunk Squad Leader (Stream Highlight!)

    UPDATE: LOL! Just letting you know i saw Cpt.Kidd today i dont even think he remembers playing !
  10. Drunk Squad Leader (Stream Highlight!)

    Hahaha i bet man this game is a blast having a few in ya....but this was little bit much hahaha!
  11. Squad Livestream

    Hey guys ill be livestreaming squad today for a while so follow if you would like to be notify when i go live :) have a good one.. Livestream starts at 10 AM EST http://www.twitch.tv/speedylivetv
  12. Drunk Squad Leader (Stream Highlight!)

    TBH i have no clue man lol !
  13. Drunk Squad Leader (Stream Highlight!)

    Yeah hahaha i had a blast lol hopefully Cptkidd sees this lol